Best Blockchain First Person Shooter (FPS) NFT Games 2022


  • Blockchain FPS games let you battle other gamers and earn NFT and crypto rewards for your time effort.
  • Blockchain technology introduced the concepts of digital scarcity and complete transparency. Players now own their weapons and gaming assets.
  • Blockchain FPS games are in the early stages of development, most of them are browser-based and still lacking compared to mainstream blockbusters like Battlefield or Call of Duty. The games are published as soon as there is a playable product, usually have bugs and early access issues.
  • A very limited number of  blockchain FPS games are currently available to play.
FPS blockchain Games




Features                  is a free Lightweight browser FPS game on the Solana Blockchain. The game focus on fun and accessibility, and you can start playing right away by visiting the website. Nevertheless, It is recommended to login and have a wallet connected to collect NFTs and rewards.

  • Lightweight works on any operating system with a browser.
  • Fun and addictive, very fast matchmaking.
  • Elementary graphics might not be suitable for hardcore FPS players that are used to expecting a full-featured FPS

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Arsenal is a multiplayer first-person shooter that currently runs on Windows . Players can utilize NFTs and earn  WELT tokens on polygon and. Binance smart Chains.

  • Arsenal is One of the first play-to-earn FPS games available for Windows with 3D graphics (not a browser game). 
  • Interesting play to earn mechanism the more WELT you stake, the more you can earn. It was fast to find a match.
  • Buggy and still can’t compare to traditional FPS games.
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Mini Royale Nations

Mini Royal Nations

Mini Royale Nations is a multiplayer FPS game with different play modes. The core gameplay is a land control shooter game where players and clans compete against others with a focus on clans and alliances. The game runs on the web browser and is powered by Solana

  • Fun and fast pace FPS with different play modes like capture the flag, deathmatch and free for all
  • Lightweight works on any operating system with a browser
  • Simple graphics, matchmaking sometimes takes some time.
  • At this stage, land and clan wars gameplay is not implemented yet
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Metaops is a play-to-earn FPS game that utilizes the Solana blockchain. The game runs on Windows and supports 3D graphics.

  • To be reviewd
  • You will need to purchase an NFT to start playing, You can’t trial the game without an NFT
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Mini Royale Nations Gameplay