Best Blockchain Racing NFT Games 2022


  • Blockchain Car racing games are play-to-earn, giving you a chance to compete against other players and earn NFT rewards.
  • Blockchain technology introduced the concepts of digital scarcity and complete transparency. Players now own their racing cars, drivers, and accessories.
  • Blockchain Car racing games are in early development and are still far behind popular mainstream car racing games. The games are released as soon as there is a minimum playable product and usually contain bugs and early access issues.
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22racingseries car

22 Racing Series

22 Racing Series is a futuristic racing game featuring 360 degrees tracks and involves a small degree of strategic decision-making and resource utilization. NFT assets are stored on the Phantasma blockchain, and the game is available for Windows through Pavillion hub platform.  For the full experience, you will need to purchase a $50 24/7 Race License, but you can buy a pit pass for $1.5 to test the game.

  • Supports game controllers and VR headsets like the oculus quest.
  • Fun, high quality racing game with immersive graphics.
  • You can’t tial the game . You have to buy a pit pass or a full race license.

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Revv Car

REvv Racing

Revv racing is a 3D arcade car racing game that uses the Revv token as its in-game currency. The game is built on the polygon blockchain, and players can purchase in-game items with Revv and earn Revv by participating in race events and challenges. Revv racing is currently playable on the web browser.

  • game controller support.
  • Lower-end NFTs are currently very affordable and are available for a few dollars on Opensea. Another advantage is the low transaction fees on the Polygon network.
  • You will need to purchase a car to play the game and a higher-end vehicle for a competitive chance to earn rewards.
  • At this stage, racing is against the clock with no other cars on the track.
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super crypto kart car

Super Crypto Kart

Super Crypto Cart is a  play-to-win car racing game on Polygon. Gameplay is similar to Mario Cart, but players can wager against each other, and the best player wins the prize pool. Super Crypto Cart is available For Windows, Linux, Android, and IOS.

  • play for free and practice as much as you need in the single-player mode.
  • fun game with a nice selection of crypto themed cars.
  • There are no NFTs or Play-to-earn elements. in this game Each player pays an entry fee and the winner takes the prize pool.
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F1 delta time car NFT

F1 Delta Time

F1 Delta Time is a bird view Formula 1 racing simulator on Ethereum. Players have partial control over their racing car, and race outcome is determined by several factors, such as the quality of your NFTs and the player’s timing ability on the track. The game is playable on the web browser.

  • Competitive gameplay allows players with the fastest overall times to earn REVV when winning races. Different tiers allow players in different levels to compete against each other. 
  • Great looking NFTs, Players can also stake their NFTs (when they are not racing) for additional rewards.
  • To start playing, you will need to buy NFT sets and pay high transactions fees on the Ethereum network. There is also a small entry price to participate in races.
  • At this stage, racing is against the clock with no other cars on the track. You can accelerate, boost and brake, but you can’t steer the car.

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