Best Blockchain Strategy NFT Games 2021


  • Blockchain strategy games are built on blockchain technology and now give you a chance to earn crypto and NFT rewards, adding another layer of complexity to traditional strategy games.
  • Blockchain technology introduced the concepts of true digital scarcity and complete transparency, players can now own their digital assets.
  • NFTs are unique on the blockchain, which makes them valuable and tradable.
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Town Star

Town Star

Town star is a Farming simulation game similar to Farmville 2 (with the added value of NFTS). The goal of the game is to create a profitable farm producing and selling goods. Town star is using the GALA token, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Town star is playable on PC and Mobile devices through the internet browser.

  • Fun game with good 3D graphics. Easy to get started.
  • Free gameplay. Weekly tournaments With a chance to win GALA tokens. More games are coming with a use case for GALA.
  • After a while gets repetitive

Town Star


Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is a Tower defense strategy game where players defend their kingdom using towers, spells, and heroes. The game runs on Ethereum and is using the tradable TOWER token as currency. Crazy Defense Heroes is available for android and IOS.

  • The game has hundreds of levels and allows collaboration with other players.
  • Free, fun, and addictive, easy to get started.
  • Mobile only
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Prospectors is an economic multiplayer strategy game set in the 19th-century gold rush era. Players need to choose a strategy and collaborate with other players to accumulate gold and convert it to tradable PGL tokens. Game assets run on the WAX and EOS blockchains. The game is playable from the internet browser.

  • Complex and challenging, there are many ways to play prospectors. You can play for free and earn some gold by running errands for other players or invest in land and resources for a faster and riskier gameplay
  • You can learn at your own pace without investing money.
  • Slow pace and high learning curve.
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League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms

League of kingdoms is a fantasy MMO strategy game centered on building a kingdom and army, harvesting resources, and cooperating with other players. The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is playable from the internet browser from PC or mobile devices.

  • Active development, Developers are constantly adding new features
  • Play for free to accumulate resources or invest in land for DAI rewards
  • Selling resources is not realistic with current ETH fees (but this issue is being addressed with Polygon)
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Mega Crypto Polis

Mega Crypto Polis

Mega Crypto Polis 3D is a decentralized city builder strategy game that runs on Ethereum, Tron, and Matic and is also using the MEGA token. The concept is close to Sim city, but with NFTs and earning potential. The game is playable from the internet browser.

  • Good 3D graphics, you can zoom into the city to see all the details.
  • Good play to earn mechanics.
  • You will need to invest some money to play MCP. A high learning curve and starting investment can be intimidating for new players.
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Best Upcoming blockchain Strategy Games


Star Atlas







Town Star gameplay

Weekly Tournaments

Town star weekly competition

Earn TownCoin from playing with NFTs

Town star challenge

Gala Nodes

GALA token

Owning land 

League of kingdoms reward system

Selling NFT package


Trade PGL tokens

Prospectors earn PGL

Become a landowner

Prospectors Land resources

PGL Staking

PGL token
MCP Macro economy

Daily dividends to building owners

Rent Buildings to other players

Produce NFT tokens

MCP production

Trade Materials on the marketplace.

Claim insurance from natural disasters

MCP insurance

Become a district owner

Plot and district owner

The MEGA token

Crazy Defense heroes Gameplay

Earn and sell NFTs on the marketplace.

CDH Opensea

Monthly Reward pool distributions

tower token distribution
Farsite airdrops