“koté”, Sold for $48,500

Blockchain Cuties is an award-winning blockchain collectible game where you get to play with unique animals and fantasy creatures. Cuties are NFTs that offers players the ability to play on multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and NEO.

You can breed your cuties and try to sell them on the marketplace, or you can send them on an adventure.

Genes, colors, and background combinations make each offspring cutie unique. Cuties are different by a variety of parameters: generation, breeding speed, adventuring frequency, species, level, gear, and so on. Breeding can result in unique characters. You can even start a high-born bloodline. An exceptional blockchain cutie named “koté” managed to sell this year for $48,500.

You can send your cutie on an adventure to fight a foe and gain experience and loot. Once the adventure is over, you will receive a report with the outcome of the battle. You will then have to wait for a cooldown period until you can send your cutie on adventure again.

The economy consists of the in-game PAW coin and the CUTE token. PAW coins can be used to purchase in-game items and upgrades while CUTE tokens are on-chain and can be traded (and perhaps one day exchanged into bitcoin once they are listed on an exchange).

A new epic expansion is coming up to Blockchain Cuties. Wars of cutie land will introduce  3D elements to the game and a whole new level of strategic gameplay. Players will be able to choose their factions, own lands, build and develop cities, and raise armies.  Armies will wage war against opposing factions. It will also introduce.

very soon you will be able to bring your Cuties to Decentraland.

 Blockchain Cuties is a browser game and works on both on PC and on mobile devices.

Blockchain Cuties


Ethereum, EOS
Tron, NEO

Blockchain cuties

Web browser
PC, mobile