Gaming cryptocurrencies and tokens can belong to different categories and have different purposes. This list divides it into three categories

Gaming Cryptocurrency Tokens

Blockchain games are now beginning to incorporate a play-to-earn system where gamers are rewarded with tokens for their achievements and time. Gamers can use those tokens to craft NFTs, make in-game purchases of assets, and earn rewards by holding or staking the tokens.

Most of the tokens can be swapped on Decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap or Pancakeswap for (ETH or BNB), popular game tokens are also listed on Centralized exchanges like Kucoin or Binance.

The following is a list of gaming cryptocurrency tokens associated with blockchain games:

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Gaming Cryptocurrency Platforms

Gaming platforms provide various game services under one roof. The platform allows them to discover, buy and play games with a single account and login. An example of a traditional gaming platform is steam. Blockchain gaming platforms will also allow users to trade and exchange games or NFTs within the platform.


Blockchain gaming infrastructure, development platforms and scaling solutions.