From facebook to EOS

Crypto Sword & Magic is a turn-based 2D RPG game on the EOS blockchain. It is a newer version of the popular Facebook RPG game known as “sword and magic,” played regularly by thousands of users. In contrast to the Facebook version, all heroes and equipment of Crypto Sword & Magic are on the blockchain, which means players can earn crypto and monetize their gaming time by selling their loot on the marketplace. 

You will need to connect your EOS account with Scatter. The game is available on mobile and PC using a web browser.


Heroes and mercenaries

Players choose between three classes of characters: Warrior, Rogue, or Sorcerer. Each of these character types has a unique skill tree and items that are associated with each class. Later in the game, your hero can specialize and acquire an additional set of skills.

For example, Fighters turn into Berserkers (offensive) or Knights (defensive). Rogues become rangers or assassins. And Sorcerers turn into Archmages or clerics ( Healers). A traditional RPG party will usually include a Healer, a mage, and a fighter to absorb damage (knight).

Crypto Sword & Magic uses a mercenary system. You can go on a quest by yourself, but to increase your chances of survival, you can hire mercenaries to form a party. Hiring mercenaries will not cost you anything, but mercenaries will take a proportion of the loot and experience from the quest. Mercenaries are heroes that belong to real players who are not currently in the game. You can passively hire your hero as a mercenary and get your share of the loot.  The battles are automatic, Where your Hero stats and equipment determine its outcome, Combine your hero with different mercenary classes, for better results.

Earning Crypto 

Currently, there are three ways to earn crypto. The first is to loot valuable items on the world map and sell it to other players in the marketplace. The second is to strengthen your hero and earn from the weekly raids. The third feature is the new player vs. player colosseum arena.

Looting items on the World map

The World map is the central part of the game where you recruit mercenaries and explore the map to gain experience and items. You can later make profits by selling those items to other players.

The rarity of equipment can be grouped into Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, where legendary items are the most expensive and have the best offensive and defensive stats. You can upgrade and enchant your equipment by sacrificing other items or stones.


Every few weeks Crypto sword & magic introduces a new challenge that comes in the form of a giant monster raid. Your hero can join the challenge and win a bounty of 200+ EOS. The prize is distributed between the heroes based on their contribution to the fight. In the past, Top Players were able to collect between 0.5 to 30 EOS. To join a raid, players will need to obtain “Mark of hero” medals from the main quest in the world map.

The colosseum

The colosseum lets your hero compete against other heroes in a player vs. player fight for battle points. Top ranking players receive rewards in crystal and later in EOS.

Game economy

Crypto Sword & Magic’s main currency is EOS but the is also an in-game token, which is represented as crystal. Crystals play an important part in the game. You gain crystals after completing a World map quest successfully. crystals are used to revive your hero, speed up training, speed up enchantments, and so on. You can use EOS to buy crystal or game items from other players.


The play to earn economy is integrated nicely. Players can create a hero for free and slowly work their way up. Whereas, players that choose to invest in items will advance faster and will get a chance to return their investment. Another good feature is the passive mercenary system that allows your heroes to gain loot even when they are away from the game. There’s a large variety of items and many different ways to enhance your hero and weapons.

On the downside, the world map quests can get repetitive over time. There are no stories or interactions behind the quests and eventually, the main focus of the game is on character development. Nonetheless, there are plenty of upcoming updates and new features. It is still early to compare decentralized games to classic RPGs and Crypto sword & magic is one of the better RPG games in the dapp gaming space.


Crypto Sword & Magic

Turn based 2D RPG



PC, Browser, Mobile, IOS, Android



  • Play for free or invest in items to advance faster.
  • Frequent updates
  • Solid RPG game in the Dapp gaming space


  • Repetitive World map gameplay
  • Limited screen size on PC

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