CryptoWars: The first multiplayer strategy crypto game on Ethereum

CryptoWars is a multiplayer strategy crypto game that runs on the Loom blockchain where your goal is to build and advance your village, raise an army, and attack your enemies to loot their resources. The game also offers an opportunity to participate in tournaments where you can enter for free and get a chance to earn crypto rewards. Everything you obtain in the game is yours on the blockchain.


CryptoWars follows the standard mechanics of strategy games where you collect resources to upgrade your base, raise an army, and then send it to attack and loot your opponents. There is a research tree that allows you to develop your troops with better weapons or skills and improve your structures. Using blockchain technology, CryptoWars adds a few interesting modifications and let players earn crypto rewards for their performance.

Battle system.

You can battle with another village and try to steal its resources. To start a battle, you’ll need to assemble your army and determine the type and number of troops that you want to use in the battle. There are specialized units that are better suited for attacks and units that are better at defending or transporting loot back to your village. The battle system is automatic so, when choosing their opponent, the user already knows how the battle will turn out. 

Game resources

There are three types of in-game resources; Gold, Crystals, and Quantum Dust. Gold and crystals are minable. You can use them to build or level up your facilities and research new techniques. The mining process is automatic. However, you can increase the mining rate by upgrading your mines or researching new mining technologies. 

Quantum Dust is a rare resource associated with tournament points. The more Quantum Dust you have, the faster you will accumulate tournament points. There are only three ways to obtain Quantum Dust – you can battle other users and claim it as loot, trade it for different resources, or level up your City Center. Quantum Dust is the key for winning the tournament.

Experience points, tiers, and rewards

 As you play CryptoWars campaigns, you earn experience points (XP) and level up in tiers. You will start to gain experience points after building a level four City center in your village. Experience points and tiers play a significant part in the game. Higher tiers receive better perks and rewards. For example, the silver tier has a 10% multiplier on tournament prizes and platinum tier has a 20% multiplier. Higher tiers will also let you participate in better tournaments.

Tournaments and tournament points

Tournaments come in different sizes and durations; they can last a few hours or stretch over days.Warmups or Fight Pits are considered small tournaments, medium tournaments are usually called Weekend Tournaments, and examples of large tournaments would be special events or big Monthly Tournaments.

Tournament points (TP) determine the winner of the tournament. Players must accumulate as many tournament points as they can. The player who has the most tournament points at the end of the time limit is the winner. The top 20 players will gain experience points and DAI crypto rewards depending on their leaderboard position.

Conclusion – a Multiplayer Strategy crypto game in DEVELOPMENT

CryptoWars campaigns can last a few days and gold and crystal take a fair amount of time to accumulate. Therefore, you are not likely to finish a tournament in one sitting and will need to plan out your strategy when you are away from the computer. The battles are automatic and might not appeal to RTS players who are used to moving their troops on the map. Nonetheless, the game is challenging and there are many other aspects to consider aside from the battles. The game is at an early Alpha stage, development is still active, and more updates are coming soon. The tournaments are competitive and a fun way to earn crypto rewards.





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  • A good multiplayer strategy game


  • The battle system is oversimplified
  • Developement Doesn’t seem to be active (2021)

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