First-person shooter MMORPG 

Dissolution is a First-person shooter MMORPG game set in a universe where Players compete for resources and territory in a hostile environment ravaged by rogue AI. Team up for an intense PvP and PvE battles with real-world stakes on the line. The game is going to use the Enjin blockchain on Ethereum.

The game takes heavy inspiration from Eve Online with a plan to build a vast universe where players will be able to fly a diverse range of ships from small, agile fighters, to colossal freighters and formidable warships, each with its play-style and role.

There will be two primary tokens: DIS and LP. DIS is the in-game currency in the store-front. Players can earn DIS by playing the game and will be able to withdraw and trade it on exchanges. Loyalty Points unlock seasonal, limited items and skins.

Currently, Dissolution is in the Alpha FPS stage of the development, but an early access version is available for play on steam.

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