You can Earn crypto by playing snakes

 Hypersnakes is a casual multiplayer classic snake game, available on multiple blockchains. Many crypto games are based on earlier popular hits. Hypersnakes is an improvement on an older web-based game called It adds the benefits of the blockchain and let gamers earn crypto for playing. The game supports multiple currencies, and it allows setting up an account on Ethereum, Tron, or Ontology, where each blockchain platform uses a separate website. 

MIXMARVEL, a crypto gaming platform that is already working on several other titles and a game editor for developers, is the company behind Hypersnakes. Some of their other title names include Hyperdragons, Crypto throne, and Marvel clans. They plan to utilize the blockchain and allow players to interact and trade digital assets between different games in a virtual world called Marvel Land.


When you log in, the jumpy soundtrack and the colorful graphics are two of the first things that strike you. The gameplay is very straightforward. It only takes a couple of minutes to get the hang of it. The game is smooth and fun. It runs at a very rapid pace and, unless you are very skilled, will only last a few minutes. After a few runs, it become quite addictive. 

The game has a practice mode so you can try it out, practice, and play for fun without investing any coins. Hypersnakes also offers arcade-style games. You deposit tokens to play and earn crypto in the process. During a daily bonus, players can claim free SC coins, skins, avatars, and more. 

Welcome to the arcades

Survival mode – Medusa’s wrath 

Survival mode is a single-player mode where your snake needs to survive Medusa’s lair. Collect as many tokens as you can in a limited amount of time while avoiding Medusa’s attacks. She will shoot rays at you and scatter snakes and gas bombs. You earn crypto as you collect the coins. Each try costs 0.001 Eth or 10 Tron, so your goal is to surpass your initial investment. Of course, there is also a practice mode.

Quick match – Snake king mode 

Snake king mode is a multiplayer mode where you can compete against four to ten other players. Collect SC tokens, stretch your snake, and try to survive by dodging other snakes and obstacles. Win by becoming the longest snake in the arena. Just like the arcades, you will insert a coin to respawn your snake. The cheapest tickets sell for 0.002 ETH or 10 TRX. Participating in a game lets you participate in a lottery draw.
The negative part of the experience is the time it takes to find a match. On this trial, it took over 15 minutes on both platforms!

Buying a Snake battlefield: 

There’s an interesting feature that allows users to purchase snake battlefields. Owning a battlefield gives the owner an ability to tweak some rules and earn revenue for hosting matches. If a player hopes to make a profit, he can also sell their battlefields. The current price for a battlefield is 4.5 ETH and 18000 TRX depending on the platform. Buying a battlefield also lets you participate in a bigger lottery draw. An invitation is needed to play on a battlefield arena.

The SC token – Earning crypto with the concept of Profit-Sharing 

Every time a player spends a token to participates in a game or buy a battlefield, he will receive Snakecoins tokens, which are referred to as SC. A player can lock Snakecoins to the platform by using a process called staking. By staking the tokens, the player can earn crypto and receive a certain proportion (37.5%) of the platform’s profit. SC tokens are limited. Each player will get his proportional share in ETH or TRX from the total staked tokens. You need a minimum of 10 SC to start staking.


Overall, HyperSnakes is a very simple game. It’s a fun and entertaining way to pass some free time. Compared to, it has some exciting new features which allow players to play for free or be more competitive and earn crypto in the process.




Ethereum,Tron, Ontology


PC, Mobile, web



  • Simple and addictive
  • Profit-sharing feature allows you to earn crypto
  • Good Mobile interface


  • The Game is no longer available
  • Matchmaking takes too long
  • Different website for each platform (ETH, TRX, ONT)

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