Get one free character to experience the game

Infinity Star is an idle fighting RPG, set in a dystopian future. Anime female fighters will need to escape an evil research lab and gain back their freedom. You will get one free character to experience the game, but later, you might want to assemble a full team. As you advance in the game, you can purchase or earn better gear and level up.

The fight arena might resemble games like street fighter or Tekken, but Infinity star is an idle fighting RPG, so you do not have full control over your fighters. Your characters will fight and execute their moves automatically, but you will be able to control the character’s unique skills. So For example, a character named Karen can perform a sneak thrust or a butterfly attack combos to inflict extra damage on an enemy. Those attacks have a cooldown period, but as the player, you can control when to execute those special attacks.

The stages have three sectors. Sector 1 is always open, while other sectors open once a week.

The Stages

The Stages are player vs. environment games where you will need to win three matches to clear a stage and earn rewards. After clearing a few stages, you will reach a Boss Stage with a more powerful boss monster that will allow you to obtain rare and valuable items. There are also Special Boss Stages with even more powerful monsters that can reward you with the best items or even the Boss itself.

Ranked battles

Ranked Battles are player vs. player games, where players who rank the highest will earn rewards. You can earn Honor Points and use them to purchase rare materials and items in the game store.


You can enter dungeons three times a day and battle monsters for a chance to win gold, experience, and enhancements. Dungeon fights are tough. You will need proper gear, high stats, and skills to win dungeon fights.

The game uses several in-game currencies such as gold, diamonds. And honor. Players can purchase diamonds with Ethereum and use them to obtain upgrades and other in-game currencies.

You can play Infinity star using any popular web browser.


Infinity Star

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