Knight Story improves on EOS knights.

Knight Story is a mobile RPG that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.
The game comes from Buscuitlabs the developers of Eos knights and it has a very similar concept and gameplay. Your heroes will fight waves of different creatures like cats, orcs, and skeletons in several locations for loot.

Your enemies will drop materials that you can combine to craft valuable items such as armor and weapons. Knight Story is not an idle game. You will need to tap on the dropped items with your finger to pick them up.

The game uses magic water and magic beans as its in-game currency. You can use it to purchase pets and better equipment.

When you reach level 9, You can start building a village with buildings that can improve your skills and give you magic water, materials, and pets.

Knight’s story is a better game than its predecessor. It feels more mature than Eos knights, graphics are better, and the gameplay is more fun.


Knight Story