Mythereum – The first trading card crypto game

Mythereum was the first playable trading card crypto game on the Ethereum blockchain. It has launched in February 2018 and is continuously being updated and improved.

The cards are actual unique blockchain assets so players can freely trade, transfer, or sell them on the market and earn cryptocurrencies.


You can check the game out and start playing right away as a guest and claim free survivor edition card packs. However, you will need an account to earn rewards and keep your assets.


 You can start in practice mode and play against the computer AI or play a ranked battle against another player. Ranked battles allow players to place a wager on the outcome of the game. Players can wager Mythex, which is the game’s currency or any other Ethereum asset. You can also join another player and play as a team or play in a free for all game against three other players. We had better experience joining battles then waiting for players to join our games. In addition, Mythereum organizes regular free-to-play and paid contests where players can claim rewards.


The game

 The rules of the game are simple yet challenging. When the game begins, five cards are dealt to your hand, out of the five cards, one card is placed on the battlefield. The card on the battlefield is your leader. During your turn, you can choose to replace the leader with any of the cards in your hand. At the end of your turn, your leader card attacks the other player’s leader card. Each card has an attack, defense, and special abilities stats that affect the outcome of the battle. A leader that wins the battle removes the losing card from the game and deals any excess damage to the player. At the start of each turn, you can place a new leader or the player card on the battlefield, and you also receive magic points. The real challenge is to use the magic points correctly and utilize the card’s special abilities. To win the game, you need to defeat all of the opponent’s cards or lower his health points to zero.

Mines, Raids, and vaults

Besides battling, the game has other activities and exciting functions that add value to the gameplay and let you earn crypto. You can build mines which produce a daily income of Mythex, the in-game currency. Upgrading mines requires resources such as Gold, Iron, and stone. To acquire those resources and you can fight another player and attack his vault, battle against the game’s AI by raiding caravans or engage in commerce. You can also build banks to gain interest for your Mythex balance, and top-up fortifications to protect your vault.

The cards

Card editions

Mythereum cards are blockchain assets. You can sell them to earn crypto or use them in a trade. Just like Magic the gathering Mythereum releases limited edition cards. There are currently three editions. Genesis edition, Awakening edition, and Survival edition The free survivor edition cards are not yours, they are held in escrow, but you can claim if you use them in battle long enough.


rarity has no effect in-game other than being a vanity visual. There are 15 rarities, represented by gemstones ( and similarly matching colored borders. (except #15 which doesn’t have a stone)
Rarest Gems: Rainbow, Black Oval, Blue Diamond
Teardrops Tier: Red, Green, Blue then Purple
square gems: Orange, Teal, Dark Blue, Light Blue (OTB-DL).
Obelisk gems: Lavender, Gold, White (LGW).

Understanding Mythereum cards

Cards represent creatures or characters that you can send into battle. Each card has attack points, shield points, and special abilities.

The player is also represented by a card. The player will have lower stats, and it can be compared to the king piece in chess. When the player card is defeated, you lose the battle.

Mythex (MX) – Mythereum currency

Mythex is Mythereums in-game token. Players can earn Mythex through battles, tournaments, and raids and use it to upgrade cards, redeem new cards or join alliances. Build mines to earn a passive income of Mythex.



 Mythereum is an interesting game with original battle mechanics and well-designed cards. In addition to the battle system, Mythereum offers supplemental activities which add an extra layer to the game and allow the player to earn crypto. We found the web interface to be slow at times. The community is big enough, and we could easily find a battle to join. It is free-to-play and worth checking out.



Collectible Card game


PC, Web, mobile




  • Play for Free with survivor edition cards 

  • Original and challenging

  • Great card design


  • The web interface can be slow
    (tested on brave – shields down)
  • Low userbase

Pro Rating