estables is open for monetization and strategies

Nestables allow gamers to collect, trade, and breed 3D Cubes, each of which has its unique personality and physical traits. You can interact with your Cubes through designing, creating, and decorating their Nest. Cubes can collect resources or build improvements for the Nest or relax and play.

Cubes have their own unique DNA. Different personalities means that each Cube will have different wants and needs to keep them healthy and happy. Different Cubes will also be better-suited to different tasks.

Nestables will let you to breed Cubes to add to your collection. The off-spring inherit traits from their parents. Nestables Runs onĀ Enjin, and is open for monetization and strategies that benefit both game designers and players.

The game is in development and we could not find a roadmap but there are monthly progress updates on their website.




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