EOS game with real financial and trading aspects

Prospectors.io is an economic multiplayer strategy game with real financial and trading aspects. It is set-up in the gold rush of the nineteenth century. Players have access to land and resources and need to choose a strategy to accumulate gold. The game rewards players for the time spent in its virtual world by letting them exchange that in-game gold to real crypto. It is available on EOS and WAX

Players can choose different strategies to create wealth. For example, they can you can work for others and get paid. Or create a business by hiring workers to produce materials and gold. The game also tries to be realistic and follows the rules of free economics (supply and demand ratio).


You start the game with three workers and a map. The game has a high learning curve and can be quite confusing in the beginning. We strongly recommend going over the official tutorials in the official prospectors.io Youtube channel which we included in this guide.

You can choose to play for free and slowly work your way up by letting your workers do some manual work like moving material around the map. Or invest some money to rent a plot, which will allow you to advance in the game, and hopefully return your investment and start earning crypto a lot faster. Your main goal is to accumulate in-game gold, which you can then exchange for real crypto. There are many ways to accumulate wealth. Mine resources like coal, iron, clay, wood, stone, and refine them to construct mines, factories, and other industrial buildings and tools. Trade with other players or form alliances and work together towards a common goal.

You will assign actions to your workers, and let it play out in real-time. Some activities can take a few hours, so you will need to plan out your strategy and keep coming back to the game to give your workers new orders.

Gold, The In-game currency

Gold serves as the main game currency and the means for all economic relations. You will need gold to upgrade your account, pay workers, trade, and pay taxes. A player can earn gold via multiple game assets, or mine it with the appropriate tools on the lot. To register and use a lot, a player has to pay a fee to the State. Each time a player mine gold, the complexity of mining increases, until the depletion of the deposit. Mining efficiency can also be increased using technologies.

PGL token, your way of earning crypto

The amount of PGL is limited to 220 000 000 tokens, which is the approximate amount of all the planet’s gold. Players can withdraw gold from the game and convert it to PGL tokens, which can then be exchanged to other cryptocurrencies. Therefore in-game gold also has value in the real world. PGL holders are the direct owners of The Prospectors.io. Players can stake their PGL tokens and receive rewards or enter the Board of Council and influence the decisions on the project.


Prospectors is a Massive, Multiplayer Real-Time Economic Strategy game. Where the game is persistent, There is no time limit, and the game never resets. Everything that you accumulate or build on the map stays yours. So players that start early have an advantage. But if you think about it, this is how things work in real life too (think of the early bitcoin miners). The game is competitive, but your goal here is to make gold and not destroy your opponents. There are no attacking or war waging actions (at least for now). But you can form alliances and work together towards a common goal of earning more crypto. This game is unique using blockchain technology. Your actions in the game can translate to real-life income. And when real money is involved, things can get very interesting.


Massive, Multiplayer Real-Time Economic Strategy game



PC, Web, Mobile




  • Clear use case for the PGL token
  • Complex and challenging
  • Earn crypto playing a real time economic strategy game


  • High learning curve
  • Slow pace
  • Focus on Economy. Not a lot of action.

Pro Rating