Earn crypto playing solitaire

Microsoft included Solitaire as part of its Windows product since the 90’s starting with Windows 3.0. Their goal was to sooth and familiarize people with the graphical user interface and the mouse.

Countless hours of productivity were lost by employees playing solitaire in the workplace, making the game among the three most-used Windows programs surpassing even Word and Excel. With the introduction of blockchain technology and Solitare duel by Neowiz Play Studio, you can now play Solitaire and earn crypto.


 The game stays loyal to the traditional solitaire rules and also introduces a competitive feature where people can compete against each other and earn EOS and SLT tokens. Players can play for free or pay an admission fee and get an opportunity to win higher prizes. The player with the higher score will win and get the prize money. You even earn a tiny amount of EOS by winning the free game. Unlike many other crypto games when playing for EOS, the admission fee is very small and ranges from 0.03 EOS to 1.2 EOS.


Each player gets 5 minutes to solve the same random deck. Players score points when they successfully build card sequences. The player that has the most points at the end of the time limit wins the match. In addition to EOS tokens, players also earn SLT tokens for winning a match. The use case for the SLT tokens was not clear.


Solitaire Duel utilizes blockchain technology to improve upon traditional Solitaire while staying true to the source. Solitaire players can finally be more productive and earn some crypto.

Solitaire Duel

Card game


Neowiz Play Studio

PC, Web, Mobile




  • Pleasant design 
  • Free play
  • Earn crypto playing solitare
  • Simple and effective


  • No clear use case for the SLT token

  • You are forced to use the scatter wallet

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