Featuring a massive open world of 64km² with millions of dungeons (Skyrim has a 37.2km² of open-world land)

The Six Dragons is an MMO Open World RPG that features randomly Generated
Dungeons, in-depth Crafting system, harvesting, and epic fights. Players will retain the
opportunity to capture value from their progress. The vision of The Six Dragons is that
the community will adopt various gameplay roles (e.g., farmers, merchants, workers, etc.)
and will freely run a decentralized blockchain economy.

The game will feature a massive open world of 64km² with millions of dungeons. For
comparison, the popular game Skyrim has a 37.2km² of open-world land. The Six
Dragons attempt to be a true Open World RPG so that you can go anywhere you want to
farm and explore. Items will be minted or melted on a regular basis, and everything will be visible and transparent from inside the game. keeping the rarity of all items intact.

The six dragons will be available on Steam, Alpha stage starting Q4 2019.

The Six Dragons