A skill-based PvP RPG – featuring permanent death

9 Lives Arena is a skill-based PvP RPG – featuring permanent death, persistent progression, resource gathering, and item crafting. You have the freedom to build your character by choosing Weapons art, passive and active skills, and spells to complement your build the ultimate character to dominate everyone else in the arena. The game is powered by the Enjin blockchain, on top of Ethereum.

In Nine Lives Arena, losing means the loss of a life. When you run out of lives, your hero dies and turns into a statue. You will not lose lives during training and friendly duels.

Nine lives arena comes with a companion system (Ooogy). Your Ooogy works for even when you are offline by gathering resources and crafting items. Just make sure to feed your Ooogy.

The game is currently under development. It is currently in a closed Alpha phase.

9 Lives Arena

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