Train your pet dragon and use it to fight other dragons and earn crypto rewards

HyperDragons is a collectible game that runs on both Ethereum and Ontology*  blockchains. Players buy a pet dragon that they can use to train,  breed, or fight against other players. They can then use their dragons to earn crypto rewards.

Hyperdragons are Collectible NFTs that players can sell on the marketplace. The dragons come with specific attributes and unique appearances. New Players can purchase a cheap dragon and start playing for less than a dollar.  Once you have a dragon, you can use it to earn cryptocurrencies in the Castle War gameplay or the arena.

The arena is where you battle other dragons and earn DST tokens. Each dragon attacks its opponent in a turn-based match, where its stats and skills determine the outcome of the fight. You can also wager on the outcome of other arena matched.

The castle war takes place on a few floating islands with buildings on them. The buildings let you produce basic materials necessary to expand your presence in the game. You will need to upgrade your buildings, defends your islands, and attack other players’ islands. Castle wars let you mine  DST with your dragons. The higher your dragon’s mining power, the more DST it will mine.

DST is an Ethereum ERC-20 token that players can sell on the marketplace. *Note that on the ontology blockchain the game is called Hyperdragons Go.





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