SPS Token

The popular blockchain TCG Splintershards introduces a native governance Token with the symbol SPS. The token will launch on July 26 on Hive and the Binance smart chain.

The Maximum supply will not exceed  3,000,000,000 and the token allocation is planned as follows:

  • Airdrops: %13.33
  • DAO %10
  • Private Sale %6.66
  • Team %9
  • Partners and Advisors %1
  • Play to earn rewards %30
  • Staking rewards %30

SPS staking

  • Players who stake their SPS tokens will be able to earn rewards as well as vote and influence game development decisions.


A day after the token launch, 400 SPS will be airdropped daily to all Splinterlands asset holders across all supported blockchains (Ethereum, Hive, BSC, WAX, Hive, and Tron.

For the official announcement, visit the Splinterlands website.