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Splinterlands announces SPS Token

The popular blockchain TCG Splintershards introduces a native governance Token with the symbol SPS. The token will launch on July 26 on Hive and the Binance smart chain. The Maximum supply will not exceed  3,000,000,000 and the token allocation is planned as follows: Airdrops: %13.33DAO %10Private Sale %6.66Team %9Partners and Advisors %1Play to earn rewards %30Staking rewards %30 SPS staking Players who stake their SPS tokens will be able to earn rewards as well as vote and influence game development decisions. Airdrops A day after the token launch, 400 SPS will be airdropped daily to all Splinterlands asset holders across all supported blockchains (Ethereum, Hive, BSC, WAX, Hive,...

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Lost relics REOPENS REGISTRATION for Early access

Lost Relics is a Diablo-style action RPG game with over 5000 monthly active players. The game is considered to be a very promising RPG in the blockchain gaming space.  Account pre-registrations are now open, so anyone who missed the first rounds will now have a chance to play the game. Note that the game is still in a very early access stage. You can apply for an account on the Lost Relics...

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Gods Unchained Announces $GODS Token

The popular blockchain TCG Gods unchained is introducing a native ERC-20 Token with the symbol $GODS.  The token will interact with Immutable-X, which is a layer two solution that will allow gasless transactions.  The total token supply will be 20 million, where 1.4 million will be released for public sale, and 12.3 million will be distributed through the game. The token integrates with the game and will allow players to: Craft NFTs which will be tradable on EthereumUse $GODS tokens to purchase card packs from the marketplace.Earn rewards by staking the tokens on the Immutable-X blockchain.Act as a governance token that will allow players to vote and influence game...

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