Upland is a property and city building and trading game where virtual properties and maps are similar to the actual cities they represent.  

Besides the trading aspect, The game also allows players to earn rewards, featuring competitions, tournaments, live events, and treasure hunts. Upland is one of the top ten games in popularity, currently ranking number five on Dappradar with around fifty thousand daily users. This game has been around since 2018, and development is very active, with new features and locations being added regularly.

The game is available on browser, Android, and IOS

Upland Gameplay:

Upland virtual properties represent real-world building plots and street addresses on the map. Each property is a unique NFTs minted on the EOS blockchain.

The gameplay is inspired and has some resemblance to Monopoly but on a grander scale. You can buy new properties from the bank (in Upland, the process is called minting) or directly from other players. Just like Monopoly, You will collect rent in UPX tokens when other players visit your property. In Upland, there are no dice. Instead, you will need to use movement points and pay a visit fee (more on that later).

Upland map

Like most play-to-earn games, one of your primary goals will be to make money. You will be able to accumulate wealth by trading properties and ensuring a constant flow of UPX from rentThe properties on Upland are tradable on the marketplace for both USD and UPX.

Holding a property will earn players recurrent UPX (in addition to visits). You can earn more UPX by completing collections of properties in the same area. For example, having properties on the same street or holding properties in a specific location will give you an earning boost.

Upland collections

Buying and selling property

Property ownership and trading is an essential aspect of the game. 

Properties produce 14.7% annually on the mint price, paid out every three hours. Collections can provide a boost to those earnings. 

There are two types of property categories in Upland: minted and unminted. 

color legend

Unminted properties have never had an owner, and buying Unminted properties in Upland is like buying unowned property from the bank in Monopoly. You get a good price, but you have to be lucky to land on it. In Upland, you will need to send your avatar to the property and be in range to mint properties. Unminted properties are hard to get hold of because they get snatched very quickly when they are released.

The easier (and more expensive) way to buy property in Upland is to purchase minted properties from other players on the market. When you buy property from other players, you don’t need to move your avatar, you can purchase property anywhere on the map, but you pay a premium. Your annual profit is calculated from the mint price and not from the price you paid for the property.

You can sell your property for UPX or USD. Flipping a property is the common term for making a profit on a property. A good strategy would be to mint new properties, wait until the district is sold out, and put them on sale with a reasonable markup.


placing buildings on top of your property

To construct a building, you will need to acquire spark. Spark is equivalent to workforce hours. You can obtain spark on treasure hunts, special events or achieve a net worth of 1,000,000 UPX which will award you a director status and above.

Buildings increase your property and neighborhood value. In the future, buildings will have more use cases such as displaying NFTs and parking cars.


Moving around

By default, your avatar wanders the city you are in randomly. You will start each day with a limited amount of movement points (“Sends”), but you can increase your sends by collecting icons of paper airplanes on the map. Moving around will also cost you a visit fee in UPXTo move between cities, you will need to utilize a train or a plane. 


In Upland, you don’t have to move your avatar until you are ready to do so. You can purchase real estate from other players and conduct business around the map from a stationary position, collecting your recurrent UPX. 

In most cases, You will need to move around to participate in treasure hunts and mint new properties. You might also want to travel to a stadium (or other venues in the future) to purchase NFT legits.

Your avatar (block explorer) and upland status

As a new player, you start the game with the Visitor Status, and you will need to actively log in and renew your Upland visa every seven days. If your visa expires, all your assets will be confiscated returned to the community pool. This is actually a positive feature that allows the game to fight bots. To avoid this annoyance, you will want to reach an uplander status.

visitor vs. uplander

When a player reaches a net worth of at least 10,000 UPX, they will have the option of leveling up to Uplander status. Their account and properties will now be permanently stored on the blockchain. Uplanders can start selling their properties for UPX and USD and take advantage of Fair State Act (FSA) properties.

FSA properties are reserved for newer players and are generally less expensive than non-FSA properties. Visitors and Uplanders can buy FSA properties.


the next levels are pro (100,000 UPX), director (1,000,000 UPX) up to chief executive with a net worth of 100,000,000 UPX. Each level comes with extra perks, such as changing the avatar icon and earning more spark tokens. Pro levels and above can’t acquire FSA properties.

block explorer

treasure hunts

Treasure hunts can be a fun way to win UPX or spark. There are different types of treasure hunts. Standard hunts let you compete against the clock, and limited and exclusive hunts let you compete against other players. 

To find a treasure, you will need to send your avatar to different properties and follow the arrow hints until you are close enough to claim it. Remember that you have a limited amount of movement points (sends), and each “send” costs UPX.

A common strategy among uplanders is to own many properties in one city and move between them. That’s because visiting your properties does not cost sends or UPX. 

Upland Economy

One hundred billion UPX were minted and divided between two pools. One pool is used to fund and develop the platform, and the other sustains the upland economy.

UPX pool

UPX is not a cryptocurrency but rather an in-game currency used to buy and sell assets in the game. Players can purchase 1000 UPX for 1 USD. However, they can’t sell their UPX outside the upland ecosystem on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or USD. Yet, players can cash out by purchasing property with their UPX and selling it for fiat currency.

How to earn UPX and USD in Upland

  • Property in Upland earns a 14.7% base yield on the mint price of properties.
  • Complete a Collection to receive a boost on top of the base yield and an additional one-time UPX bonus.
  • Mint properties and sell them to other players for UPX or USD
  • Use spark to add assets to your property and increase its value
  • rent out spark for UPX (future development)
  • Receive visits to your property
  • Participate in treasure hunts
  • Collect and sell NFT Legits (currently NFLPA)
  • Participate in events and challenges

Upland NFTs

Upland Legits are NFTs designed to bring brands such as sports clubs, athletes, and artists to the upland universe.

Legits integrate NFT features to Upland. Players can travel and participate in minting events, have their legits signed by their owners, and later display their legit NFTs in their houses.

There are different NFT categories:

  • Mementos are the most valuable rare unique 1-of-1 NFTS. 
  • Essentials are common NFTS. Players can merge essentials to create replicas that are rarer. 
  • spotlights are NFT video moments 

NFTs also contribute to players’ fan score, where higher fan score gives players a chance to mint a rare NFT or have their NFT autographed.

NFLPA Legits

Future of Upland

This List is based on rumors, discord, medium articles, and the upland white paper:

  • Cities are currently concentrated in the United States, but future updates will make global cities available.
  • developer network aiming to allow third-party developers to provide decentralized apps.
  • Creating more legit sets by partnering with new teams and celebrities in the sports, music, and film industry.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (mentioned in the white paper)
  • More use cases for buildings such as NFT galleries
  • Cars
  • Player-owned businesses and shops (Metaventures) will enable players to sell their in-game assets and services.

Getting started and tips for new players.

When I started, I didn’t really know what to do, so I bought a property on the secondary market. I tried some treasure hunting and eventually ran out of UPX. Now what? My property’s value didn’t appreciate, and finding a good loot in treasure hunts is like winning a lottery. Most prizes will be under 200 UPX. I found out later that there are specific strategies for treasure hunting. But you need to have a lot of properties spread throughout the city.

I believe this is what most new players are experiencing. Looking at Facebook and play-store reviews, there are many frustrated players. The key in Upland is to be knowledgeable and to have a strategy and some patience.

The best advice for new players is to use a tool like upxland and search for unminted properties. Make sure to look for properties under the Fair state act (FSA). Then send your block explorer for the purchase. New cities with unminted properties are being released often and are worth the wait and travel expenses. Find cities you can reach by train and only use the plane if there is no other choice as plane tickets are pretty expensive. Keep up with the news on Discord or follow the Upland event calendar for new city releases and other interesting developments.

Try to complete the easier collections first, such as owning 3 properties in the same city or street. Don’t forget to collect your UPX bonus once you finish a collection. If you wait until all the properties in the area are sold out, you can then list it for sale and try to flip it for a profit on the secondary market.


Browsing over the reviews on the play store, you will see a lot of frustrated players. So it’s recommended to have a strategy prepared. To help you with that, Upland has a great community on discord. All my newbie questions were answered within minutes. Then random people were friendly enough to throw in some extra helpful tips along the way.

Still, even if you play the game correctly, advancing can take months unless you are willing to purchase some UPX. Once you minted or bought your properties, there is just not enough action to keep you entertained while you wait for your yield to accumulate or for your properties to appreciate in value. Treasure hunting is not enough, and I think there should be more ways to earn and interact with the map. However, As you acquire more properties and earn UPX, you will have more options, decisions, and fun.

upland statistics

I do think the game is heading in the right direction. It has a growing userbase, new features are being implemented. (A virtual reality metaverse is also mentioned in the whitepaper). The team is actively working on getting well-recognized partners and brands to participate. (with the NFL player association already in). Overall the Upland ecosystem feels very active and gives a positive vibe that more is coming, it also made it to our list of Best NFT games for 2022.


Virtual property trading


Uplandme, Inc.

Web Browser



  • Active development
  • Large userbase and helpful community on discord


  • Hard to get started
  • UPX is not a cryptocurrency