Best Blockchain Fighting Games 2024

Blockchain fighting games are emerging in the gaming industry, merging traditional combat excitement with blockchain’s innovative features. Offering play-to-earn mechanics and true ownership of in-game assets, these games, though currently limited in number, each present a unique blockchain integration. Players should note that some titles launch with a minimum viable product, potentially leading to early bugs and evolving gameplay experiences.

Wreck League
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Wreck League

This game introduces a new dimension to PVP fighting with its focus on mech combat and NFT integration. Players engage in real-time battles, building and customizing mechs in a competitive and innovative gaming environment.

    Developer nWay, (in collaboration with Animoca Brands & Apecoin)
    Networks Ethereum
    Status Live
    Platforms Windows, Mac, Android
    Token Not Yet
    NFT marketplace Opensea
    • High-quality graphics enhance both the game and mech designs
    • Elevated Ethereum gas fees for acquiring mechs, parts, or claiming rewards
    King of Fighters arena logo
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    The King of Fighters Arena

    This game revitalizes the classic fighting genre with a blend of traditional gameplay and modern updates. It’s set in the marbleX ecosystem, offering a nostalgic yet fresh experience for both new and veteran players.

    Developer MarbleX
    Networks MarbleX on klaytn
    Status Live
    Platforms Windows, Android
    Token $FTC on $MBX
    NFT marketplace MarbleX Marketplace
    • balanced between classic, old-school fighting game charm and modern gameplay elements
    • Token is limited to the small-scale marbleX ecosystem
    • In-game purchases may subtly influence gameplay dynamics.
    Champion Ascension
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    Champions Ascension

    Set in the rich, fantasy world of Massina, this game allows players to manage and lead gladiators in intense battles. It combines strategic gameplay with a deep narrative, offering a unique multiplayer experience in a player-driven universe.

    Developer Plai Labs
    Networks Alpha
    Status Live
    Platforms Windows
    Token N/A
    NFT marketplace Opensea
    • Rich Gameplay and Lore: Offers a detailed gladiator-themed experience with diverse combat options, social activities, and an immersive world
    • Limited Game Modes
    • Early Alpha stage
    AI Arena
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    AI Arena

    In this innovative fighting game, players craft and train AI-powered gladiators for combat. It’s a blend of technology and strategy, set in an AI-driven competitive landscape where smart design leads to victory.

    Developer ArenaX Labs
    Networks Arbitrum
    Status Early Access
    Platforms Browser
    Token $NRN (currently only available through airdrops)
    NFT marketplace Opensea
    • Innovative Gameplay Mechanics with AI integration
    • High learning curve
    • Browser Game

    Wreck League

    Wreck League is a real-time PVP fighting game that enables crossplay between mobile and PC platforms. Developed by nWay in collaboration with Animoca Brands and Yuga Labs, the game features a unique mix of characters from various Web3 projects, including Kodas and Bored Apes. A key aspect of Wreck League is the ability for players to own and customize mech parts, allowing for the creation of personalized fighters.

    Wreck League Gameplay


    “Wreck League” combines futuristic adventure with a character-driven narrative, centered around a diverse crew of misfits, including the artist Jaelynn Correnya and her prodigy brother Bodhi, along with Phaedra “Phae” De La Phwayga, a trend-setting icon with a mysterious past. Set on the “Party Barge,” their home ship, the story explores advanced technology through robot combats.

    The crew faces challenges like technological malfunctions, interstellar threats, and internal conflicts, intensifying the drama of their space journey. Central themes include sibling dynamics, as seen in Jaelynn and Bodhi’s bond, and a subplot involving the mystery of their mother, hinting at her survival. 


    Gameplay in “Wreck League” centers on assembling Mechs with unique abilities (like Air Burst, tachyon beams and amplified attacks and defenses). Players need to master combination attacks for maximum damage and maneuver strategically on the map, particularly important in close-quarters combat. The game employs a point-based matchmaking system for pairing players. The focus of “Wreck League” is on the mechanics of Mech assembly and the tactical aspects of combat.

    Wreck League Gameplay


    Wreck League” integrates NFTs into its gameplay through the concept of mech assembly. Players use NFT-minted parts to build mechs, each composed of 10 distinctive NFT parts. Players utilize NFT-minted parts to construct mechs, each comprising 10 distinct NFT components. These components are crucial as they define the mech’s capabilities and aesthetics in battle, offering a vast array of customization possibilities.

    Mech NFTs

    Token Considerations in Wreck League

    The introduction of a token within “Wreck League” has been a topic of ongoing discussion. While there is no definitive confirmation or denial of its release, the possibility remains open. The potential utility of such a token in the game’s ecosystem is varied. It could be used for purchasing power-ups once the shop NFTs become operational, or it might serve as a fee for a potential future burning mechanism.

    The implementation of a token would be contingent on its fit within the broader ecosystem of “Wreck League.” This suggests that if a token were to be introduced, it would be integrated in a way that enhances the game’s existing features and aligns with the overall strategic direction of the game.


    “Wreck League” tournaments feature a two-stage format, starting with a leaderboard stage where players accumulate points during scheduled play windows, followed by a single-elimination bracket stage for top-ranked competitors to determine the final victor.

    Players have the option to join these tournaments using Temporary Mech Passes (TMPs), enabling participation even without owning a mech. The tournaments culminate in a single-elimination bracket stage, where top competitors battle for supremacy.

    Rewards for tournament victors include on-chain items based on performance, such as exclusive NFTs, Mech Sets, and various Mech Boxes. These prizes not only enhance gameplay but also offer unique customization and collection opportunities.

    The king of Fighters Arena

    “The King of Fighters” series, initiated by SNK in 1994, is a celebrated fighting game franchise, known for its unique blend of characters from SNK’s diverse universe, including “Fatal Fury” and “Art of Fighting”, along with original characters. Central to its narrative is the eponymous tournament, serving as a battleground for these varied fighters. 

    Over the years, the series has seen various versions and adaptations, evolving with the gaming industry. Recently, SNK and Netmarble extended their partnership and released the latest iteration, “The King of Fighters ARENA”. This new version introduces innovative elements like NFTs and play-to-earn features, marking a significant evolution in the series while embracing modern gaming trends.

    KOF gameplay


    In “The King of Fighters ARENA,” the gameplay adopts a 3 vs 3 Team Match format, specifically the Elimination Match. This setup requires players to strategically select and use their characters, focusing on how their abilities work together within a team.

    The gameplay, while unique in its team-based approach, shares similarities with other games in the fighting genre, such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, particularly in terms of character control and combat mechanics. The emphasis in “The King of Fighters ARENA” is on combining individual character skills effectively within a team context, a feature that adds a tactical layer to the game


    The game incorporates NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in various forms, such as fighter cards and controllers. These NFTs play a crucial role in gameplay, offering enhanced features and abilities. While owning an NFT can enrich the gaming experience, it is not mandatory for gameplay, allowing players to enjoy the game without mandatory purchases.

    controllers play a crucial role in the Play and Earn (P&E) system. Each controller has a grade and level that determine attributes like Efficiency, Luck, Comfort, and Resilience. These attributes influence the rewards from matches, such as Fight Money (FM) and Mystery Boxes. Controllers, essential for mining in-game currency, can be obtained through purchase or minting. The game can be played without a controller, but mining capabilities are exclusive to controller users. 

    Fighter Cards also provide various benefits to their owners. Offering players potential rewards.

    KOF NFTs


    The King of Fighters ARENA” utilizes its native token, the Fighters Club Token, as the cornerstone of its in-game economy. Players can earn tokens and NFTs through gameplay achievements and participation in various game modes. The game’s economy is designed to reward player engagement and skill, with multiple avenues for earning and utilizing tokens. As of now, the game does not require a pass or an NFT to start playing, making it accessible to new players.

    Champions Ascension

    Champions Ascension” has recently shifted its development from Jam City to Plai Labs, marking a new phase in its evolution. The game is primarily a real-time fighting experience set in the fantasy world of Massina. Players engage in managing and directing gladiators in combat, focusing on the tactical aspects of arena battles.

    Champions Ascension gameplay


    Set in the mystical world of Massina, “Champions Ascension” unfolds a tale where peace is paradoxically maintained through perpetual battle. The realm is governed by the Twelve Families, an amalgamation of formidable native and celestial races. The central focus is the Colosseum Eternal, where gladiators fight for glory under the watchful eye of the Emperor.


    The core of “Champions Ascension” is its gladiatorial combat, primarily focusing on PvP encounters. Players engage in arena battles, controlling their champions to attack, defend, and execute strategic combos.

    Players engage in intricate real-time combat, managing elements like the Fury Meter, Health Gauge, and unique abilities such as ‘Fury of the Titans’ and cooldown-based attacks like Fangs, Claws, and Tail, adding strategic depth to each battle.

     Various factors like weapons, family lineage, essence, and parts influence a champion’s attributes, such as speed and health, adding depth to the combat system.

    NFT Integration

    The game intricately weaves NFTs into its fabric, with Champions NFTs being central to gameplay. Each character offers distinct advantages and gameplay options, including exploration, questing, gear crafting, and PvP combat. Players can collect, trade, and even breed new champions, enhancing their roster and strategic options.

    Champions ascension NFTs

    Economy and Tokenomics

    While the game’s economy is still under development, it revolves around in  Essence and Bone. Essence is vital for enhancing a champion’s abilities, while Bone serves as a valuable in-game resource. The breeding system adds another layer, allowing players to create new characters by combining genes from existing champions.

    “Champions Ascension” is free to start, with no mandatory pass or NFT purchase required. However, owning NFTs can unlock additional gameplay advantages and options, enriching the player experience.

    AI Arena

    AI Arena stands out in the fighting game genre by integrating artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, and competitive gaming. Currently a browser game in beta, it’s set to be available on platforms like Windows and Android, broadening its accessibility.

    Ai Arena gameplay

    Unique Gameplay Mechanics

    In “AI Arena,” the gameplay revolves around creating and nurturing AI-powered champions. Players engage in a unique process of designing, training, and battling with these AI gladiators. The objective is to develop a formidable AI, aiming to dominate the global leaderboard.

    Training in “AI Arena” is an interactive experience. Players guide their AI through various scenarios against a wireframe opponent, shaping their combat behavior. This hands-on approach allows for precise control over the AI’s learning, focusing on crucial battle tactics while minimizing the absorption of human errors.

    The post-training phase involves a strategic configuration screen. Here, players fine-tune their AI’s learning parameters, focusing on key aspects of combat and decision-making. This stage is crucial for refining the AI’s battle strategies, making each AI gladiator a unique product of its creator’s tactics and style.

    NFT Integration

    “AI Arena” incorporates NFTs as AI-powered collectibles that actively participate in battles. Each NFT is a blend of a Skin, Frame, and Core, contributing to the fighter’s appearance, strengths, weaknesses, and AI capabilities. The Core, powered by neural networks, is the heart of the NFT, driving the AI’s performance in the arena.

    Economy and Tokenomics

    The game’s economy is driven by its native token, Neurons ($NRN), which will play a vital role in the gameplay. It’s not just a currency but a strategic element that influences a player’s success and progression. Players earn $NRN through battles and training sessions, with the game’s economic system rewarding skill and strategic gameplay over mere time spent in-game. 

     As of 2023, $NRN is not available for purchase, but players can earn allocations for $NRN airdrops by actively participating in the game’s ecosystem.

    “AI Arena” is currently in a limited early access phase, with a Mint pass available for players to claim a playable AI Fighter NFT upon the game’s official launch. This approach to tokenomics and player rewards sets “AI Arena” apart, focusing on skill and community contribution.


    In conclusion, the blockchain gaming world is rapidly evolving, offering diverse and innovative experiences in the fighting game genre. From the nostalgia-infused “The King of Fighters Arena” to the AI-driven battles of “AI Arena,” each game brings a unique flavor to the table. “Champions Ascension” immerses players in a rich fantasy world, while “Wreck League” pushes the boundaries with mech combat and NFT integration. These games not only redefine traditional fighting game mechanics but also integrate blockchain technology in ways that enhance player engagement and investment. As the blockchain gaming landscape continues to grow, these titles stand out for their creativity, depth, and ability to deliver thrilling combat experiences.


    Q: What makes these blockchain fighting games unique? A: These games integrate blockchain technology, offering unique features like NFT-based characters, in-game economies with cryptocurrencies, and decentralized assets. This integration adds a new layer of strategy and ownership to the traditional fighting game experience.

    Q: Can I play these games without understanding blockchain? A: Yes, while blockchain adds complexity, these games are designed to be accessible. Basic gameplay can be enjoyed without deep blockchain knowledge, though some understanding enhances the experience.

    Q: Are these games free to play? A: It varies. Some games offer free-to-play models with optional in-game purchases, while others might require initial investments in NFTs or tokens.

    Q: Can I earn real money by playing these games? A: Many blockchain games offer play-to-earn models where you can earn cryptocurrency or NFTs that potentially have real-world value. However, earnings can vary based on market conditions and game mechanics.

    Q: How do I get started with these games? A: Typically, you’ll need a compatible device, a digital wallet for transactions, and sometimes an initial purchase of the game’s cryptocurrency or NFTs. Check each game’s website for specific starting instructions.

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