Exploring the best Arbitrum games of 2023, we’ve handpicked four games that have truly stood out in the blockchain gaming sphere. This article dives deep into each game, providing a comprehensive review of their unique stories, intriguing gameplay, and innovative token economies. Whether you’re a veteran gamer or a newcomer to the blockchain scene, these games offer a variety of experiences to suit all preferences. Let’s embark on this journey through the exciting realm of Arbitrum gaming.

Best Arbitrum Games

Top Arbitrum Games

Some of these games are in early development:

AI Arena

AI Arena is a fighting game that merges artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, and competitive gaming. The game is currently a browser game in its beta stage.

Ai Arena gameplay


In AI Arena, players design, train, and battle AI-powered champions. The goal is to create a strong AI and climb to the top of the global leaderboard. The game mechanics involve training, battling, and upgrading these AI gladiators.

Before sending the AI gladiators into battle, they require training. The training process involves facing off against a wireframe fighter and demonstrating to your AI how to act in different battle situations. The game allows players to control data collection during training, ensuring that the AI learns from the most important information and minimizes the likelihood of learning from human errors.

After each training session, players head over to the configuration screen. where, they can control different aspects of the learning process to tell the AI what to pay attention to, and how much information it should retain. This is where players can truly perfect their AI’s battle strategies.


In AI Arena, NFTs are  AI-powered collectibles that participate in the game. These NFTs, are unique and have different attributes that affect their performance in battles. Each NFT is composed of a Skin, Frame, and Core. The Skin provides the appearance, the Frame determines the fighter’s strengths and weaknesses, and the Core contains the AI. The Core uses machine learning models, specifically neural networks, to power the NFT.


Economy and Tokenomics

AI Arena’s economy is powered by its native token, Neurons ($NRN). This token serves as a strategic resource within the game, helping to align the incentives of players and stakeholders. When used effectively, it can enhance a player’s chances to win and climb the leaderboard.

Players can earn $NRN by participating in battles and training their AI. The game also has a unique economic system that rewards players for their contributions to the AI Arena community. The economy is designed to reward skill, not time spent in-game. This drives better incentives as it encourages the development of new strategies and tactics.

The game is in a limited early access state. A Mint pass will allow players to claim playable AI Fighter NFT when the game officially launches.

The Beacon 

The Beacon is a free-to-play fantasy action roguelite RPG, a genre known for its challenging, action-packed gameplay and high replayability. The game is currently in its development stage, with an available demo and an Alpha version tentatively planned for 2024. The Beacon is designed to be accessible on multiple platforms, including desktop and browser, with potential future expansion to mobile platforms.

The Beacon gameplay


The Beacon’s gameplay revolves around surviving and progressing through dungeons. It bears some distant resemblance to popular roguelikes like the Binding of Isaac and Hades, with its own unique twists. Players must combine various upgrades to enhance their abilities during a run, with the catch that these upgrades do not carry over to the next run. This mechanic emphasizes player skill progression over character progression. The Beacon also offers a social aspect, with modes for co-op PvE and socializing in an MMO-like world.


In The Beacon, players can engage with the game at three distinct levels, each offering different access to the game’s NFTs. The Free-to-play tier allows players to enjoy the game’s basic gameplay with  non-NFT characters. On the other hand, the Paid Character tier provides players with additional benefits, including NFT character cosmetics and house decor. The Founding Character tier, an early version of paid characters, offers several in-game benefits, including the ability to acquire NFTs as rewards and customize their character with cosmetics.

The game also introduces NFT pets known as Moonfae. These creatures can be owned by players, providing the opportunity to breed for offsprings and earn more rewards. Generation-0 pets, minted in December 2022 and now only available in the open market, come with special traits and blessings. 

The Beacon does not limit the number of paid characters, ensuring accessibility for all interested players. However, to access the full content of the game, players must hold a Founding Character.

Economy and Tokenomics

Currently, The Beacon operates without a dedicated token. Instead, its economy is built around the procurement and utilization of NFTs and in-game currencies, which can be earned through gameplay or acquired on the open market. The game also provides a range of rewards and incentives, with eligibility determined by the player’s tier. Additionally, The Beacon organizes events that offer players the opportunity to gather unique items, which can be converted into $MAGIC rewards.


Zeeverse is a cross-platform MMORPG that puts players in a unique, blockchain-based universe. As of now, the game has a playable Alpha demo accessible on a variety of platforms, including ,  iOS, Android, and the web browser.

Zeeverse Gameplay


The game’s lore unfolds in a universe where the once harmonious world of Zeeverse is now under the threat of Corrupted Gods. These malevolent entities have turned the once peaceful Zee creatures into their minions, disrupting the balance of the world. Players are tasked with the mission to restore harmony by battling these corrupted Zee and reclaiming the world.


Zeeverse offers a unique gameplay experience that combines elements of PvE and PvP. In PvE, players engage in a turn based battle against waves of enemy Zee in dungeons, with the ultimate goal of defeating the boss and earning Zee Eggs. PvP, on the other hand, takes place in the Arena, where players wager tokens against their opponents in a battle until one side eliminates all enemy Zee. The game also hosts live events, quests, and tournaments, providing a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.


NFTs in Zeeverse come in various forms, including Masks, Loot Pods, and Soul Shards. Masks carry an expanding set of benefits to their holders. Loot Pods, akin to loot boxes, contain cosmetic items, token allocations, and future allowlist spots. Soul Shards, serving as a Battle Pass, grant players lifetime access to the full scope of Zeeverse features and enable them to withdraw assets and their earned tokens through a vesting period.

Economy and Tokenomics

Zeeverse operates with a dual-token system, utilizing $VEE and $ZEEV as its primary in-game currencies. $VEE tokens are used for upgrading Zee, wagering in PvP battles, powering up Zee Traits, and will soon be used for purchasing items from NPC merchants.

On the other hand, $ZEEV tokens are reserved for high-value transactions such as evolving ZEE, crafting land assets, and trading on the peer-to-peer marketplace.

$ZEEV serves three main purposes: governance, staking, and premium transactions. $ZEEV holders can participate in governance, voting on $VEE monetary policies and project development decisions. Staking $ZEEV provides in-game boosts and $ZEEV rewards, with the incentive to stake increasing as players progress in the game.

While Zeeverse is free to play, certain features and benefits are accessible only to holders of specific NFTs or tokens. For instance, Soul Shards, Soulbound NFTs, grant players lifetime access to all Zeeverse features and enable them to withdraw assets and earned $VEE tokens through a vesting period. Players can earn tokens and NFTs through gameplay and events, or purchase them on the open market.

Kuroro Beasts

Kuroro Beasts is a web-based, player-versus-player role-playing game that offers a unique blend of exploration, farming, breeding, and battling with over 150 different Beasts. The game is currently in its Alpha stage and is developed by Trudan Studios. 

Kuroro Beasts Gameplay


Kuroro Beasts is set on the remote Kuroro Island, filled with tales of mysterious occurrences. Professor Julius Otium, intrigued by stories of magical beasts and supernatural elements, embarked on a journey to explore the island. After six months, a letter from Professor Otium revealed a new world inhabited by supernatural beasts with unimaginable powers. The islands, alive with a mysterious energy, are also home to a native known as the Beast Sage, who seems to hold the key to the island’s mysteries. Despite the challenges, Professor Otium believes these islands could rectify humanity’s past mistakes. As per his last communication, 6600 individuals will journey to the islands filled with incredible adventures and mysteries.


The primary goal of Kuroro Beasts is to explore, farm, breed, and engage in battles with a variety of Beasts. The gameplay mechanics are reminiscent of popular games like Pokemon, with a unique twist. Players can participate in Beast Brawl, a turn-based beast battler, and Kuroro Wilds: Call of the Islands, a creature-collecting MMO. The game rules and mechanics are designed to provide a balanced and competitive environment, ensuring a fair and exciting gaming experience.

In the PvP component, players use their Beasts to compete against others in tournaments. This part of the game is designed with a competitive scene in mind.

The MMO allows players to explore Kuroro’s world and interact with in-game NPCs. Players can visit various locations, manage their tokens, view their inventory, and craft new items and moves for their Beasts.

The game is planned to continuously expand, with future features including a chat system, in-game battles with friends, and new areas to explore. Kuroro Beasts also plans to host tournaments with prize pools.


In Kuroro Beasts, NFTs are intricately tied to the Beasts, the central characters of the game. These Beasts, each unique and possessing elemental powers, form the core of the gameplay and the game’s ecosystem.

Beasts in Kuroro are characters that players can develop and evolve. They add depth to the game and enhance the gaming experience. Owning these Beast NFTs is not mandatory to play the game, but they do provide additional benefits.

Origin Beasts, the game’s highest level collection, are unique characters that players can own and use in battles and exploration. They offer benefits such as early game access, private channel access, and the ability to stake for increased $KURO allocation.

On the other hand, Starter Beasts, part of the Scions collection, are limited edition characters with unique evolution paths. They can merge with four different elements, allowing players to choose their evolution in Kuroro Wilds: Call of the Islands. Their limited availability adds to their value and rarity.

Economy and Tokenomics

The Kuroro Beasts ecosystem is powered by the $KURO token. This cross-game token can be used for purchasing new collections, cosmetics, and high-end buys within the games. Players can earn $KURO tokens and NFTs through gameplay and participation in the game’s ecosystem. 


In conclusion, the intersection of blockchain technology and gaming is fostering a new era of innovation. Arbitrum Layer 2 solution, enhances Ethereum’s transaction speed and efficiency, making it an ideal platform for blockchain games. The games we’ve explored, each offer unique gameplay and economic models, revolutionizing player engagement and reward systems. As Arbitrum continues to grow, attracting more GameFi protocols and offering low transaction fees, it’s clear that it will play a significant role in the future of blockchain gaming. Keep an eye on these games in 2023, as they are set to redefine the gaming landscape.


What Are P2E games or blockchain games?

Play-to-earn games (or blockchain games) use a token economy and NFTs to incentivize players to engage with their platform. They allow you to earn crypto for playing. You get tokens that you can use to get rewards like NFTs or money. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are a type of unique cryptocurrency. This means that each NFT is different from any other NFT and can be used in gaming and other applications. They are often used to represent rare in-game items or assets and can be valuable if they are well-designed and popular. 

What is arbitrum and why is it used in gaming?

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, enhancing speed and efficiency of transactions by processing them off-chain. This scalability and reduced cost make it ideal for gaming, supporting more players and complex interactions. Its compatibility with Ethereum allows games built using Ethereum’s smart contract technology to leverage the security and decentralization of Ethereum while benefiting from Arbitrum’s efficiency. This leads to a smoother gaming experience, enabling more transactions like item trading or reward claiming without slow confirmation times or high fees. Overall, Arbitrum improves the feasibility and user experience of blockchain-based games, making them more accessible to a wider audience.

Are Arbitrum games free to play?

While some of these games offer free-to-play elements, certain features or benefits may require the purchase or ownership of specific tokens or NFTs.

Can I earn rewards in these games?

Yes, all of these games offer ways for players to earn rewards. This could be through gameplay, participation in events, or other in-game activities.

Where can I find more blockchain games?

If you’re interested in exploring more blockchain games, we’ve got you covered. Check out our extensive Blockchain Games List on our website. We provide a comprehensive list of blockchain games across various networks, including Arbitrum, Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

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