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the gaming industry continues to evolve, with blockchain-based games taking the spotlight. Polygon, a well-structured and efficient Ethereum scaling solution, has become a popular platform for these games, offering fast and low-cost transactions. We’ve seen a surge of innovative and immersive games on Polygon that have captured the attention of gamers worldwide. From strategic play-to-earn games to immersive RPGs, these games are not only entertaining but also offer players the chance to earn while they play. Here, we present the eight best Polygon games for 2023 that you should definitely check out.

Top Polygon Games

Some of these games are in early development:


Skyweaver is a digital trading card game developed by Horizon Games that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and uses Polygon as a second layer solution. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web browser.

Skyweaver Gameplay


Skyweaver is set in a universe where a cosmic event has caused the digital and physical realities to merge. This event has given birth to a new realm known as the Sky, a place where champions from across the universe gather to compete in epic battles. The champions, known as Skyweavers, are individuals who have been chosen by their respective societies to represent them in the Sky.


In Skyweaver, players assume the role of a Skyweaver and compete against other players in strategic card battles. Similar to Hearthstone, The goal of the game is to reduce the opponent’s health to zero using a deck of cards, each with unique abilities. The game features a unique ‘Prism’ system, where each Prism represents a different playstyle, allowing for a wide variety of strategies and deck types.

Skyweaver’s gameplay is built around the concept of Skyweavers, the champions of the game, who are chosen by their societies to represent them in the Sky. The choice of a Skyweaver defines the type of deck a player can use, with the deck’s composition being influenced by the hero’s associated prism. The game allows for the combination of any two prisms, but no more, which adds a layer of strategic depth to the deck-building process.

The prisms in Skyweaver are not just decorative elements; they each embody a distinct strategy, for example, the Agility prism is all about speed and aggression, perfect for players who like to take the offensive and overwhelm their opponents quickly. The Heart prism focuses on life and death mechanics, allowing players to resurrect fallen units and bolster their living ones. The Strength prism caters to those who prefer to dominate the battlefield with robust units and potent spells. Etc.

Every game you participate in Skyweaver, be it in Ranked or Conquest modes, rewards you with some experience points (XP). As you accumulate XP, you progress in levels and gain access to Base cards at no cost. Additionally, you’ll also unlock Starter Decks, which serve as a helpful starting point for your deck-building adventure.


Skyweaver introduces a unique approach to NFTs. Gold and silver cards in the game are NFTs, which players can earn by winning matches. These cards can be traded freely among players, providing a real-world value to the in-game assets. Base cards are common and can be unlocked by simply playing the game. They cannot be sold, purchased, or traded.


The differences between, Silver, and Gold cards are purely cosmetic and provide no competitive gameplay advantage. However, owning Silver and Gold cards allows players to trade them, adding an extra layer of strategy and economy to the game.

Economy and Tokenomics

Skyweaver doesn’t have a token. Players can win Silver cards and Conquest tickets by ranking high on the leaderboards. At the end of each week, the top 500 players on each leaderboard for Discovery and Constructed mode will earn corresponding Silver cards and/or Conquest tickets. Players can also use USDC (US Dollar Coin) to buy tradable game items like Silver and Gold cards or to participate in the Conquest game mode.

In the Conquest game mode, players can also win Silver and Gold cards. Winning one match earns you a Silver card, winning two consecutive matches earns you two Silver cards, and winning all three matches earns you a Gold card and a Silver card. After playing 30 matches in Conquest, players are guaranteed one of the weekly Gold cards that are being offered.

 Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies is a combination of space simulation and mech shooter game developed by Blowfish Studios. This action-packed game is built on the Polygon blockchain and offers a fast-paced third-person experience similar to traditional 3D action games. Available on Windows and Mac.

Phantom Galaxies Gameplay


Set fifty years after the last great war between the Union and the Commonwealth of Neoterra, Phantom Galaxies takes players on an intergalactic journey. Both factions were forced to put their differences aside in the face of lawless pirate guilds and a dangerous new foe: the Sha’Kari. The Sha’Kari Zealots, the priest caste of the Sha’Har race, intend to exact revenge upon humankind for the desecration of the Sha’Har’s ancestral planets. They have a strong presence in the galaxy, inhabiting several star systems, and their incursion puts pressure on the Union and the Commonwealth’s uneasy alliance.


Players take on an important role in the war for control of the various sectors of Canis Major, a celestial constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere seen from Earth. Exploring deep space in search of rare resources and Sha’Kari weapons, as well as fight on the frontlines.

Players select a Starfighter from four different starting classes: the Lancer, Buster, Assault, and Breacher. From there, they will be able to upgrade their mechs, unlocking specializations to experiment and fine-tune the perfect Starfighter setup for each combat scenario. The game offers a variety of activities, including Missions, Quests, Operations, and Raids. These activities contribute toward players leveling up their Avatars and Starfighters, and allow them to earn game currencies, resources, and new items through rewards and randomized loot table drops.

The game also offers an open universe for players to explore. Star systems in the Core will be safe environments for any activity and will primarily be PvE-focused. Systems further out are far more challenging and are under the protection of dangerous NPC factions and player organizations.


In Phantom Galaxies, the core items that the player utilizes for exploration and combat are Mechanised Starfighters, which exist as NFTs that specify both the aesthetics and attributes of the in-game mech. 

The game also offers a variety of in-game items that exist as NFTs with true digital ownership, meaning that the owner of such items genuinely owns and controls the items, and is therefore able to benefit from them accordingly. Item types include Weapons, Armour, Shaders, and Consumables. Items can be bought from shops or found as loot throughout the universe of Phantom Galaxies.

Economy and Tokenomics

The game’s official utility and governance fungible token is ASTRAFER. Over time, as player activity and the player base increase, the utility and governance token of Phantom Galaxies will be increasingly held by players. As the game’s ownership of ASTRAFER becomes more diluted, Phantom Galaxies will evolve into a community-owned decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Players can earn game currencies, resources, and new items through rewards and randomized loot table drops by participating in various activities. These activities include Missions, Quests, Operations, and Raids.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world (or Metaverse) where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. It’s a community-driven platform where creators can make voxel assets and gaming experiences and monetize them using the platform’s utility token, SAND. The Sandbox is available on Windows and macOS.

The Sandbox started as a game-builder simulator available on Steam. In 2018, Animoca Brands, a tech giant within the blockchain industry, took over the title and moved it to the blockchain, creating a vast metaverse where users can leverage the developing technology to mint virtual assets.

Sandbox Gameplay


In The Sandbox, players are equipped with the tools required to build original gaming projects and deploy them on the owned land parcels. This concept not only allows artists to make their ideas possible but also opens up ways for them to earn monetary gains through their imaginative projects. It offers a creative playground for its users in the metaverse. Whether it’s engaging with other metaverse-enthusiasts or raging the fight against a herd of enemies.

For example, The Snoopverse is a virtual world created by Snoop Dogg in the Sandbox metaverse. It is a digital replica of Snoop Dogg’s real-life mansion in Diamond Bar, California, and it also includes a variety of other experiences, such as exclusive concerts, virtual hangouts, and NFT drops. Paris Hilton has created her own metaverse in the Sandbox called Paris World. It is a digital replica of Hilton’s real-life mansion in Bel Air, California. The Walking Dead Experience: The Walking Dead has created an interactive experience in the Sandbox called The Walking Dead Experience. It allows fans to explore the world of The Walking Dead and interact with the characters from the show.

The Sandbox periodically organizes special events within its virtual universe. These events provide players with a range of unique experiences and the chance to obtain various rewards. Each event comes with its own set of guidelines and potential prizes, which could range from SAND tokens and unique NFTs to Mystery Boxes and special Memorabilia Badges. Players can secure these rewards by fulfilling certain event-related tasks, owning specific NFTs, or participating in social challenges.


In the Sandbox NFTs can range from virtual land parcels to custom-made items and experiences. Users can create their own content using VoxEdit, a 3D modeling tool, which allows them to create custom assets such as characters, buildings, and landscapes.  

Virtual land in the Sandbox Metaverse also exists as NFTs, allowing users to purchase virtual land parcels to build structures and create experiences. This provides a unique opportunity for users to own a piece of the virtual world and shape it in their image.

Economy and Tokenomics

The economy of The Sandbox is dependent on $SAND, the utility, and the governance token within the metaverse used for staking and trading goods in The Sandbox marketplace. SAND holders can influence the voting outcome taking place within the DAOs structure to get a final say in internal matters of the game. There are various play-to-earn (P2E) aspects within the metaverse that allow everyone to earn rewards by engaging with the gameplay. Similarly, trading the assets created within the metaverse is another method of turning a profit since the minted assets are under the complete ownership of the users.

The Sandbox Metaverse, NFTs represent a variety of virtual assets, from land parcels to unique game items. The ecosystem relies on four primary tokens: SAND, ASSETS, LAND, and GAME.

SAND is the native utility token used for transactions within the platform. ASSETS represent virtual items that users can trade or use on their land. LAND tokens represent virtual real estate, which users can buy and integrate to create estates and districts. The GAME token is used in conjunction with LAND to provide interactive experiences for users.

VoxEdit. Is a tool that allows users to create custom assets, such as characters and landscapes, which can then be used within the Sandbox Metaverse. These assets exist as NFTs, providing a unique way for creators to monetize their work.


Wildcard is a blockchain-based game that merges elements of real-time strategy, MOBAs, and collectible card games. Developed by Playful Studios the game is set to be available on Windows and Mac platforms. At this moment the only way to play the game is by owning a wildpass which costs around 200-300 Polygon.

Wildcards gameplay


The narrative of Wildcard is set in a cosmic arena where champions from various worlds gather to compete. Each champion, along with their sidekick and summoned creatures. Bolgar, once a prince, was betrayed by his brother and transformed into a “werebear” after a magical encounter with a bear cub. Locke, a former lead techno-engineer, always aspired to play Wildcard and to everyone’s surprise, defeated the king’s son, Boone.


Players choose from two unique champions, each with their own distinct abilities and aesthetics. Bolgar & Burr, a man in touch with nature and his pet bear, and Locke, a tech-savvy individual with his robotic dog Wotchy, offer different playstyles for players to explore. Each champion comes with a preset deck of summons, featuring a mix of shared and unique cards.

The gameplay of Wildcard takes place on the Frostburn Asteroid map, where players engage in strategic battles. Players must make strategic card choices and use real-timechampion skills to outmaneuver their opponents. The game also features summoned creatures that support their Champions on the battlefield, each possessing a unique ability.

Economy, Tokenomics, and NFTs

There is no token and the game’s economy is currently in development, with a focus on community-driven ownership. While “playing to earn” won’t be central to the core game loop, players will have opportunities to earn rewards through competitive play and other aspects of the Wildcard ecosystem. The game aims to allow players to create their own Arena/Team, sell advertising space, host halftime shows, and sell tickets to their own venue.

Life Beyond

Life Beyond is an action MMORPG game that blends elements of exploration, survival, and community building. The game is currently in its early stages of development, with only the Hub, a persistent social area, available for players to explore. Life Beyond is set to be released on platforms such as Windows and Mac.

Life Beyond gameplay


Life Beyond is set on the planet Dolos, a new discovery that holds immense potential for exploration and colonization. The game’s narrative is set against the backdrop of Earth’s decline in the late 21st century, with environmental collapse, resource scarcity, and economic disparity being the norm. The discovery of alien ruins on Mars and the subsequent opening of a wormhole leading to Dolos sets the stage for an exciting adventure. Players are part of an expedition led by the DEEP corporation, tasked with exploring Dolos and overcoming the various challenges it presents.


Life Beyond is an MMORPG that integrates blockchain technology into its framework.  The gameplay in Life Beyond involves a range of activities. Players start in a central hub, from which they can embark on expeditions. These expeditions involve combat scenarios, the use of special abilities, and resource gathering. The game offers different character classes, including a trooper, combat medic, sharpshooter, and guardian, each with unique abilities. The choice of class can affect the gameplay experience.

As Life Beyond is currently in its alpha stage, players can expect ongoing changes and developments. The developers have indicated plans to transition Life Beyond into a more open-world format in the future, which will further expand the gameplay possibilities.


To access the game, players need one of the four types of keys available: the Gold Key, the Red Key, the Blue Key, or the Dolo’s Passport. Each key provides varying levels of access and benefits within the game. Founder key owners will also get a Land airdrop when the feature becomes available.

In Life Beyond, NFTs will play a significant role,  representing digital collectibles that players will own, trade, and use within the game. These NFTs can take various forms, including characters, items, and land parcels. 

Economy and Tokenomics

Life Beyond employs a dual currency system: DOLS and $FT. DOLS is an inflationary token that is confined within the game’s ecosystem. It’s designed to connect traditional gamers to the blockchain environment within Life Beyond, while maintaining economic stability. This token cannot be swapped or exchanged for any other token except $FT.

$FT serves as a complementary currency to DOLS within the game’s ecosystem. It’s a crucial currency that drives all aspects of player progression and gameplay systems, with certain in-game content requiring $FT. This premium currency facilitates seamless integration of traditional gamers into the blockchain infrastructure.

Cards of Ethernity

Cards of Ethernity (CoE) is a digital collectible card game that combines competitive play-and-earn mechanics set in the dark fantasy universe of Aether, CoE offers a unique blend of strategic gameplay and lore. Currently, the game is in its open beta stage and is accessible on the Windows platform, Support for more platforms is planned with future updates.

CArds of Ethernity gameplay


The lore of Cards of Ethernity unfolds over three ages

In the first age, three Gods, Melkree, Meoldrorth, and Vargad, shape the universe and create a planet. They experience this world in the forms of a Troll, a Dragon, and a Demon respectively. After centuries, they create beings modeled after their forms, leading to the existence of Trolls, Dragons, and Demons.

The second age is marked by conflict. The Dragons attack the Gods’ celestial fortress, leading to the creation of powerful creatures known as Beasts. In a fit of rage, Meoldrorth releases destructive magic onto the armies of Trolls and Beasts, resulting in the emergence of Elemental beings.

The third age sees a war for Earth’s conquest. Humans create a gauntlet to suppress the monsters’ magic, shifting the balance of power. The Gods intervene to end the chaos, leading to a millennium of precarious peace known as the “Status Quo.” As the age ends, a new, larger gate appears.


Gameplay combines competitive play-and-earn mechanics with elements reminiscent of popular games like Hearthstone and Gwent. The primary objective of CoE is to build a strong deck of cards and compete against other players. The game currently features 150 collectible cards, which players can acquire through purchasing drop packs, using in-game currency, or crafting new cards.

Players can choose from various Adventurers, each with its unique creatures, spells, and relics. Each Adventurer has a unique trick, which defines its character and playstyle. The gameplay mechanics are reminiscent of traditional collectible card games, with the added layer of blockchain integration.


Cards of Ethernity incorporates NFTs in the form of cards, adventurers, and ethernals. These NFTs can be used in gameplay, with each NFT having its own unique attributes and abilities. NFT cards also grant access to exclusive content, such as special bonus rewards, and can grant higher rewards when playing the game.

Rarity is a rough measure of the quality and scarcity of a card. Cards of higher rarity are typically harder to find and more expensive.Rarity affects the availability of cards in your collection. Legendary cards can only have one copy in your deck, while some cards may have special effects based on their rarity.

Economy and Tokenomics

The game uses the $AEG token and Aether Coins, $AEG is an ERC-20 token built on Polygon. AC is used as a medium of exchange within the game, allowing players to purchase in-game items and services. Players can earn tokens and NFTs through gameplay, and the tokens can also be used for crafting in-game items. The game will feature a staking system, where players will be able to stake their $AEG tokens in the Aether Vault to earn rewards.

The game does not require a pass or an NFT to play, and players can start playing for free. However, purchasing NFTs and participating in the game’s economy can enhance the gameplay experience.

Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension is a multiplayer fighting game set in a player-driven high-fantasy universe. The game is currently in its alpha stage and is developed by Jam City. The game is available for Windows.

Champions Ascension gameplay


The game is set in the world of Massina, a fantasy realm where peace is maintained through constant battle. The Twelve Families that inhabit Massina are a mix of powerful native and celestial races, all united by the gladiatorial games hosted by the ruthless Emperor in his immense Colosseum Eternal. In this arena, each Champion must face death for one single outcome: glory.


The gameplay of “Champions Ascension” revolves around gladiatorial combat in the Colosseum Eternal. The game currently focuses heavily on PvP, with the promise of PvE down the road. The goal is simple: two players enter the arena, and only one can come out. 

Players have manual control over their champions with the ability to attack, defend and execute combos. The outcome of these battles is also influenced by other factors such as weapons, family, essence, and parts. Each of these elements contributes to a champion’s traits, including speed, health, defense, damage, etc.


In “Champions Ascension”, the world of Massina revolves around Champions NFTs. Each character within the game has its own advantages and options in gameplay, allowing players to explore, take on quests, craft gear, and fight against other players. Players can collect and trade Champions, or breed new characters by combining two of their existing heroes’ genes. Each part contributes to the Champion’s abilities differently, making battles always feel fresh.

Economy and Tokenomics

The game’s economy hasn’t been established yet, it is loosely based on the use of Essence and Bone. Essence is a core element of the game, affecting a champion’s abilities and the outcome of battles. Bone, on the other hand, is a resource that players can earn and use for various purposes within the game. The game also features a breeding system, where players can create new characters by combining the genes of their existing heroes.

The game does not require a pass or an NFT to play, and players can start right away for free. However, owning NFTs can provide players with additional advantages and options in gameplay.


Apeiron is a unique fusion game that combines elements of God games, card games, roguelikes, and massively multiplayer online games. Inspired by classic god games such as Populous, Black and White, and Spore, the game is currently in development and will be available on PC and Mac platforms.

Apeiron gameplay


The story of Apeiron revolves around the struggle between the High Goddess Cosmos and the High God Chaos. As a godling, players are summoned to aid in this cosmic battle. They rule over a planet full of Doods and control their world’s Avatar, a giant construct. The goal is to unlock the secrets of the godiverse by exploring dungeons, acquiring special abilities, and recruiting Dood Apostles for adventures. As players gain levels, they can participate in ritual combat against other godlings in the Hourglass Coliseum.


In Apeiron, players assume the role of a godling, a newborn deity summoned by the High Goddess Cosmos to aid in her fight against the High God Chaos and his Taint. Players rule over their own planet full of “Doods,” cute and somewhat clueless yellow creatures resembling chickens.

The gameplay of Apeiron is a blend of card-based action-adventure combat and god game simulation. Players control the movement and targeting of their Avatar on unique maps, while the Apostles move independently. The combat system involves a real-time card-based battle system that features Avatars and Apostle Squads.

The game’s PvE portion puts players in a branching dungeon scenario, with each planet having a dungeon. The PvP aspect of the game is centered around the Coliseum, a player versus player combat arena where players can test their Avatars and Apostles against other players.


In Apeiron, Planet NFTs are essential for participating in the game. Most gameplay, including the god game simulation and dungeon delving, takes place on your Planet. Planets come with different elemental distributions, which determine the type of Avatar you have. 

There are also Apeiron Star NFTs, similar to the “Lands” found in other games. Each Star has one or more Orbital Tracks that can be used to “park” a Planet and give it an aging boost. Relics are unique Apeiron NFTs that can be traded with other players. They provide a way for players to make permanent progress and also encourage interaction with the marketplace.

Economy and Tokenomics

Apeiron employs a tri-token system: Apeiros (APRS), Anima (ANIMA), and Ringularity (RNGU). Apeiros, the governance token, is used for voting and in-game purchases. Its supply is fixed and released in stages to investors, the public, and players.

Anima, the Play-to-Earn token, is minted when players accomplish tasks in the game. 

Ringularity, the premium token, is earned through participation in large-scale events. The aim is for all three tokens to be tradable on exchanges.


The year 2023 is emerging as a pivotal year for blockchain gaming, a time for building foundations and preparing for a promising future in this rapidly evolving industry. With Polygon leading the charge. The games we’ve highlighted offer a diverse range of experiences, from the Sandbox Metaverse to the immersive world of Phantom Galaxies. Each game brings something unique to the table, whether it’s innovative gameplay mechanics, engaging narratives, or lucrative play-to-earn opportunities.

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, we can only expect to see more groundbreaking games emerge on the Polygon platform. So, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of blockchain gaming, these eight games are a great place to start your journey.


What Are P2E games or blockchain games?

Play-to-earn games (or blockchain games) use a token economy and NFTs to incentivize players to engage with their platform. They allow you to earn crypto for playing. You get tokens that you can use to get rewards like NFTs or money. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are a type of unique cryptocurrency. This means that each NFT is different from any other NFT and can be used in gaming and other applications. They are often used to represent rare in-game items or assets and can be valuable if they are well-designed and popular. 

What is Polygon and why is it used in gaming?

Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network, is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to provide faster and cheaper transactions. It’s becoming increasingly popular in the gaming industry due to its ability to handle complex operations at lower costs, making it ideal for blockchain-based games.

How can I start playing Polygon games?

To start playing Polygon games, you’ll need a digital wallet that supports the Polygon network, such as Metamask. After setting up your wallet and acquiring some MATIC tokens (Polygon’s native token), you can connect your wallet to the game and start playing.

Are Polygon games free to play?

While many Polygon games are free to play, some might require an initial investment in the form of NFTs or in-game tokens. However, these games often offer play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to earn rewards as they play.

Can I earn real money by playing Polygon games?

Yes, many Polygon games operate on a play-to-earn model, where players can earn in-game tokens or NFTs that can potentially be sold for real money. However, the value of these rewards can fluctuate based on market conditions.

Are Polygon games safe to play?

While Polygon is a secure network, the safety of individual games can depend on various factors, including the game’s development team and smart contract security. It’s always recommended to do your own research before investing time or money into a game.

Where can I find more blockchain games?

If you’re interested in exploring more blockchain games, we’ve got you covered. Check out our extensive Blockchain Games List on our website. We provide a comprehensive list of blockchain games across various networks, including Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

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