While Cardano’s gaming ecosystem may not be as bustling as those on other well-known blockchains, several projects are highly active and continuously building to enrich the platform. Despite its quieter status, we’ve managed to find some noteworthy games. In this review, we’ll explore some of the best Cardano games, highlighting why this blockchain is worth keeping an eye on in the gaming world.

Best Cardano Games

Top Cardano Games

Some of these games are in early development:


Cornucopias is an ambitious MMORPG project on the Cardano blockchain, currently in its development phase with ongoing rounds of public testing. The game is set in a unique world, each with its own theme and environment. Players can engage in a variety of mini-games, quests, and social activities. Developed using Unreal Engine 5, Cornucopias aims to deliver a rich experience. The game is currently undergoing public testing for its Calido Resort, featuring added functionality and upgrades for Calido mini-games. As one of the most significant gaming projects on the Cardano blockchain, Cornucopias is expected to support multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and even consoles.

Cornucopias gameplay


In Cornucopias, Earth’s dwindling capacity to sustain human life prompts a group of twelve scientists, known as the Venture 12, to devise an innovative solution: the creation of sky domes using anti-gravity technology. These sky domes form the basis of twelve unique zones, each containing three individual domes. Inspired by various cultures and historical periods, each zone offers a distinct thematic experience.

The Venture 12, also referred to as ‘Architects,’ spearhead ‘Project Cornucopias’ with the goal of creating intricate in-game universes. Players embark on quests to uncover the potent wisdom left behind by these Architects, which is crucial for advancing in the game. Adding a layer of mystery is the elusive Architect 13, a figure shrouded in secrecy whose role and intentions are yet to be revealed.


Cornucopias is an open-world MMORPG game currently in early access, set in multiple sky domes, each offering a distinct experience. The game is designed to provide a variety of activities that cater to different player interests.

Players will have the opportunity to explore each dome, which measures 8km x 8km. Exploration allows for the discovery of hidden locations, rare resources, and ancient artifacts. This aspect of the game is designed to satisfy the curiosity of players who enjoy uncovering secrets and collecting valuable items.

Questing and missions form another core part of the gameplay. These quests can range from straightforward tasks, such as gathering resources, to more intricate missions that involve exploring ruins or solving puzzles. This feature aims to provide a sense of purpose and direction, keeping the player engaged in the game world.

Crafting and building are also integral to the Cornucopias experience. Players can use the resources they gather to craft items like weapons, armor, and tools. Additionally, they can construct buildings, vehicles, and other structures for personal use or to contribute to the game’s economy.

For players interested in competitive activities, Kalido Valley serves as a racing hub. Here, players can choose from a range of racing vehicles, including special ones available through NFTs. The game also offers free-to-use vehicles, ensuring accessibility for all players.

The development team has ambitious plans for Cornucopias. They aim to feature a public transportation system and various landscapes, including a large dome specifically designed for racing called the Raceway.


Cornucopias, currently in early access, is planning a multi-faceted NFT ecosystem. Players will be able to own NFTs associated with different in-game districts, potentially influencing district-versus-district interactions. The game intends to reward its long-term community members with annual free NFTs. Customization is also on the horizon, with the Avatar Builder expected to allow for NFT-based avatars. Additionally, the game is considering offering cross-chain NFTs, letting players choose the blockchain for their assets. NFTs are anticipated to have various utilities, including governance or ownership rights within the game.

Specifically, Cornucopias will offer NFTs for custom domes, flying vehicles, and themed zones. Renting options are available for these assets. Furthermore, players will be able to collect NFT character clothing, which will include items like shoes, accessories, and backpacks. 

Cornucopias veicle NFTS
Cornucopias Land NFTs

Economy and Tokenomics

Cornucopias utilizes its native token, COPI, available on both Cardano and the Binance Smart Chain, for a range of in-game transactions. The token can be staked in the COPI Stake Pool for rewards. The game will incorporate various “earn” models like Play and Earn, Build and Earn, and Learn and Earn, all of which reward players with COPI tokens. Additionally, the Stake and Earn model lets players stake tokens or NFTs for rewards, while Host and Earn incentivizes node hosting. Overall, Cornucopias aims to offer a diverse economic system to enhance the player experience.

Mocossi Planet

Mocossi Planet is a play-to-earn game that combines elements of virtual pet care and farming simulation. . As of the latest update, the game is in beta stage, with new features being added regularly. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Windows and Android.

Mocossi planet Gameplay


Set in the year 2048, Mocossi Planet takes place on an Earth-like planet inhabited by intelligent alien species known as Mocomons. Humans have begun to coexist with these creatures, marking the onset of a new evolutionary era. The game aims to simulate this harmonious living arrangement between humans and Mocomons.


The primary objective of the game is to raise and bond with your Mocomons, which are your virtual pets. It incorporate farming simulation elements where Players earn ‘mood points’ through strong bonds with their Mocomons, which can be used for farming activities. 


In Mocossi Planet, NFTs such as Mocomons, lands, houses, and accessories serve as integral assets that enhance gameplay and economic rewards. These limited-supply NFTs offer higher rewards and boost earning potential in MCOS.

Mocomons NFTs

Economy and Tokenomics

MCOS is designed to be the primary currency of the Mocossi Planet ecosystem, exclusively used for transactions like purchasing NFTs, in-game currency, and upgrades. 

Players have several avenues to earn MCOS. They can play the game to accumulate the in-game currency, Moshi, which can then be exchanged for MCOS. Additionally, holding specific NFTs entitles players to monthly airdrops for a limited time. Future governance decisions may also offer MCOS as a bonus for participation. Land and Mocomon leasing provide another earning mechanism, as does providing liquidity on Minswap, a decentralized exchange.

Moshi serves as the in-game currency and is intrinsically linked to MCOS. To ensure the game’s sustainability, Moshi has a cap of 1 trillion and can be converted to MCOS at a constant rate of 1,000 Moshi to 1 MCOS. This single-token structure aims to maintain a balanced and sustainable in-game economy.


Goombles is a 3D Real-Time-Strategy Tower Defense game currently in its developmental stage. The game is designed to be available on multiple platforms, including PC and mobile.



The lore revolves around Sweetopia, a land generated from a single candy cane that evolved into the all-powerful Sacred Cane. This cane produces a magical resource called SUGAR, which has given rise to ten distinct lands known as Factions. The story focuses on Cavity Court, home to Goombles and their Elder, Gumford.


Goombles is a 3D Real-Time-Strategy Tower Defense game with the primary goal of maintaining and protecting your faction through the production of gum. The game will initially offer single-player mode and plans to later include 1v1 and cooperative play. It also features two simple mini-games: a Tetris-like game and a jumping game. The game introduces Mechs, machine-like extensions that significantly enhance the capabilities of Goombles. These Mechs come equipped with primary fire and a special ability, adding a layer of complexity to the gameplay.


In Goombles, NFTs are integrated into the game mechanics and are mainly related to the Mechs. Owning an NFT Mech could provide additional features and advantages, such as specialized functions or enhanced resource-gathering capabilities. 

Economy and Tokenomics

The game’s economy will revolve around a token called SUGAR. This token will serve multiple purposes, including the creation of Mechs and possibly other in-game items. Players will have the opportunity to earn tokens and NFTs through various in-game activities. For instance, participating in the Great Cane Harvest will likely offer opportunities for players to earn tokens. The tokenomics are designed to encourage player engagement and are expected to create a self-sustaining economy within the game.


In summary, while the Cardano gaming scene may not be as vibrant as other platforms, it’s encouraging to see developers keeping their projects alive and active. Among these, Cornucopias stands out as a promising AAA game with its intricate gameplay and innovative use of blockchain technology. 


Q: Is Cardano good for gaming?

A: In reference to Cardano Games,  Cardano offers a secure and scalable platform for game development. Projects like Cornucopias are keeping the ecosystem alive and active.

Q: What’s the future of gaming on Cardano?

A: While the ecosystem is just surviving right now, the fact that projects are still alive and active is a positive sign for the future of Cardano games.

Where can I find more blockchain games?

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