Best Blockchain Motor Racing Games 2024

Blockchain motor racing games leverage the power of blockchain technology to introduce digital scarcity and complete transparency into the gaming world. This innovation allows players to truly own their in-game assets, such as racing cars, drivers, and various accessories.

However, it’s essential to recognize that many blockchain car racing games are currently in early access phases. As such, they may not yet offer the same level of refinement or depth found in mainstream racing games or other blockchain gaming genres. Players venturing into these games should be prepared for a minimum viable product experience, which may include encountering bugs and other early access issues.

Best blockchain motor racing games
Torque Drift 2
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Torque Drift 2

Torque Drift 2 is a drift racing simulation that blends high-octane competition with deep vehicle customization.

    Developer Grease Monkey Games
    Networks Polygon
    Status Early Access
    Platforms Windows (Epic Store)
    Token $REVV
    NFT marketplace Website


    • Torque Drift 2 enhances the drifting experience with extensive car and track customizations, wheel support, and partnerships with leading car brands like Ford for authentic vehicle options.
    • Gameplay is hindered by prolonged load times, and potential stability issues post-bug fixes, diminishing the overall gaming experience.
    Nitro League
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    Nitro League

    Nitro League combines futuristic racing with blockchain technology, offering players NFT-based vehicle ownership and a competitive play-to-earn ecosystem.

    Developer Hotwire Studio
    Networks Polygon, Cardano
    Status Live
    Platforms Windows
    Token $NITRO
    NFT marketplace Opensea
    • Nitro League offers cross-chain compatibility and a free-to-play model, enhancing accessibility and attracting a wide range of players. regular updates and potential rewards,
    • Players report technical issues like game crashes and loading problems, detracting from the overall gaming experience.
    Revv Racing
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    REVV Racing

    REVV Racing merges arcade-style gameplay with blockchain integration, allowing players to earn and trade NFTs within a dynamic racing environment.

    Developer Animoca Brands
    Networks Polygon,
    Status Alpha
    Platforms Browser
    Tokens $REVV
    NFT marketplace Opensea
    • REVV Racing is integrated into the broader REVV economy, connecting with other motorsport games like MotoGP™ Ignition and Formula E: High Voltage, offering players a comprehensive and interconnected digital racing ecosystem.Lower-end NFTs are currently very affordable.
    • Being a browser game, REVV Racing might face limitations in graphical fidelity and performance compared to standalone racing titles. REVV Racing has remained in alpha since 2022, which may raise concerns regarding its development progress and final release quality.
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    Rumble Racing Star

    Rumble Racing Star offers a playful and strategic racing experience, emphasizing character abilities and community-driven content.

    Developer Delabs
    Networks Polygon
    Status Early Access
    Platforms Windows, Mac, Android
    Token $RRS
    NFT marketplace Opensea 
    • The game introduces a casual yet competitive racing experience with a unique twist, featuring characters and vehicles inspired by popular NFT collections.
    • Rumble Racing Star experiences minor bugs and balancing issues that may affect gameplay.
    Trial Xtreme
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    Trial Xtreme

    Trial Xtreme offers a unique take on the motocross genre, focusing on course navigation and obstacle management.

    Gameplay Galaxy
    Networks N/A
    Status Early Access (With registration)
    Platforms Android\IOS
    Token N/A
    NFT marketplace N/A
    • Trial Xtreme provides a fresh perspective on motocross games, emphasizing skillful navigation over stunts, with engaging and challenging tracks.
    • Given its early stage, there is limited information available regarding the future integration of an in-game economy and tokens within Trial Xtreme.

    Torque Drift 2

    Torque Drift 2 emerges as a new chapter in drift racing simulations, developed by Grease Monkey Games under Animoca Brands. The game aims to capture the essence of Tokyo’s drift culture and the excitement of professional drift competitions.

    Torque Drift 2 Gameplay


    Torque Drift 2 is set within the context of Japan’s renowned drifting scene, taking players through the vibrant streets of Tokyo and into the realm of professional drifting competitions. The game’s storyline is influenced by the culture of drifting, encompassing everything from local underground events to international championships.


    In Torque Drift 2, players dive into the world of car customization and competitive drifting with a focus on personalization and strategy. The game allows for detailed customization of vehicles, from aesthetic designs to technical modifications, ensuring each car reflects the player’s style and performance needs. Authentic parts from real aftermarket manufacturers add a layer of realism to the customization process. The game introduces a physics system tailored for drifting, providing precise control over the cars. Players can engage in drift battles on various tracks, testing their skills against the environment and other racers. The addition of multiplayer modes offers a platform for head-to-head competitions, enhancing the competitive aspect of the game.


    The game’s economy is intertwined with digital collectibles, featuring real-world licensed cars, parts, and decals. Players can earn, collect, and trade these digital assets, enhancing their cars’ performance and aesthetics. Exclusive partnerships, like with Mishimoto and ford, introduce utility NFTs, allowing for unique customization options. In Torque Drift 2, the economy is intricately tied to the REVV token, serving as the primary utility token within the game. Players can earn an in-game currency through various activities and challenges. This in-game currency can then be converted into REVV tokens, which are used for purchasing in-game items, such as car parts and customization options.

    Torque Drift 2 NFTs

    Nitro league

    Nitro League is a  blockchain-based racing game set in the year 3050, where players dive into a futuristic world of high-speed competition. It uniquely combines the thrill of racing with the innovative aspects of digital ownership and game finance, offering a vibrant and immersive experience.

    Nitro League


    In the year 3050, Earth has embraced nature and innovation, with Nitro League at the forefront of resolving global disputes. Countries now settle their differences on the racetrack instead of the battlefield, creating a world where speed and strategy lead to peace and prosperity.


    The core objective of Nitro League is to dominate the racetracks by customizing and upgrading futuristic cars for peak performance. While it doesn’t directly mirror any traditional racing games, its unique blend of strategy, customization, and competitive racing sets it apart. Players engage in various races, leveraging car rarity and performance upgrades to outpace competitors. The game introduces a clan-based ranking system, where reputation points from victories advance players’ standings, adding a layer of community and competition.


    Nitro League’s economy integrates NFTs, the NITRO token, and blockchain technology, creating a rich ecosystem for digital asset management and competitive racing. Players earn reputation points (REP), level up their experience (XP), and unlock blueprints to build and upgrade NFT cars, enhancing their performance and value.

    The game features an Arena where players compete in clan-based races for victory and status, with races varying by track and conditions. The NITRO token underpins transactions and rewards within this ecosystem, supporting a play-to-earn model that rewards skill and strategy in the dynamic world of Nitro League.

    The first 2024 tournament showcased this economic model, offering NFT cars and a 4000 ADA prize pool, underlining Nitro League’s innovative play-to-earn approach and NFT integration.

    Nitro League NFTs

    REVV racing

    REVV Racing, developed by Animoca Brands, is a browser-based arcade simulation car racing game within the REVV Motorsport metaverse. It leverages blockchain technology to redefine game ownership and reward systems. The game is part of a broader REVV economy, interoperating with other titles like MotoGP™ Ignition and Formula E: High Voltage, allowing for a unified and expansive digital motorsport experience.

    Revv racing Gameplay


    REVV Racing, a browser-based game, offers a straightforward approach to arcade simulation car racing, focusing on the essential aspects of the genre. The game features a variety of tracks, each designed with its own set of obstacles and challenges that test players’ driving skills. The control system is designed to be intuitive, ensuring that players can easily navigate through the game’s environments.


    The economy of REVV Racing is centered around the REVV token and NFTs, supporting a play-to-earn model. Players earn rewards by competing in races and can trade their NFT cars on dedicated marketplaces. The game also features community events and promotional giveaways, offering players additional avenues to acquire and enhance their digital assets.

    The REVV Racing economy is intricately linked with the REVV token, which is also utilized in other games within the Animoca Brands motorsport ecosystem, such as MotoGP™ Ignition and Formula E: High Voltage. This shared token facilitates cross-game interactions and value transfer, 

    Superior NFTs

    Rumble Racing Star

    Rumble Racing Star, developed by Delabs under the crypto gaming arm of South Korean game developer 4:33, introduces a unique twist to the casual racing genre. Set in a vibrant world where players race on lawnmowers, the game combines the simplicity of arcade racing with the strategic depth of character and vehicle selection.

    RRS gameplay


    Rumble Racing Star’s gameplay is accessible through straightforward controls, focusing on the fun and competitive aspects of racing. Players navigate through tracks filled with obstacles, utilizing character-specific abilities to gain advantages or disrupt opponents. The game features various modes, including standard races, event races with themed tracks, and tournaments with larger prize pools. The Star Garage serves as a hub for players to manage their rewards, participate in raffles, and engage with the game’s economy.


    The game’s economy revolves around the $RRS token and in-game rewards, including Mystery Boxes and Premium Points that can be exchanged for $USDC. Players can earn rewards through daily missions, referrals, and performance in races. The inclusion of Delabs Adventure Passes offers additional benefits and rewards within the Star Garage, enhancing the play-to-earn aspect.


    Trial Xtreme

    Trial Xtreme is a dynamic mobile motocross game that offers players intricate courses, competitive events, and the ability to personalize their bikes. It centers on competitive play, inviting players to outmaneuver their opponents in high-stakes 1-on-1 races or partake in multiplayer tournaments, showcasing their prowess on challenging tracks.

    Trial Xtreme


    Players control their motocross bikes, facing a variety of obstacles designed to test their riding precision and control. Unlike typical motocross games that prioritize stunts, Trial Xtreme focuses on the player’s ability to navigate through intricate tracks. The game evaluates performance based on speed, time, and points, with each level introducing new challenges to keep the gameplay engaging. The physics occasionally defy expectations, adding an unpredictable element to the courses. Controls combine accelerometer and touchscreen inputs, with a learning curve due to the unconventional functions assigned to the buttons.


    The blockchain motor racing game genre in 2024 shows promise but faces significant challenges. Many titles are still in early development, grappling with issues like prolonged alpha phases, gameplay imbalances, and technical bugs. These obstacles highlight the growing pains of integrating blockchain technology into gaming, indicating a need for further refinement and community acceptance to fully realize the potential of this innovative gaming experience.

    FAQ: Best Blockchain Motor Racing Games

    Q: What defines blockchain motor racing games?
    A: Blockchain motor racing games incorporate blockchain technology to enable features like NFT ownership of in-game assets and play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to earn digital assets with potential real-world value.

    Q: Can playing these games lead to real monetary gains?
    A: Yes, through play-to-earn mechanics, players can accumulate digital assets or currencies that may be convertible to real money, depending on the game’s economy and market demand.

    Q: Is blockchain knowledge necessary to play these games?
    A: Not necessarily. While understanding blockchain and NFTs can enhance the experience, many games are designed to be accessible and enjoyable without in-depth technical knowledge.

    Q: On which platforms are blockchain motor racing games available?
    A: These games can be found on various platforms, including PC, web browsers, and in some cases, mobile devices, depending on the specific game.

    Q: How do blockchain motor racing games differ from traditional ones?
    A: The main distinction lies in blockchain integration, which introduces digital asset ownership and economic activity through play-to-earn features, unlike traditional games that lack these blockchain-based elements.

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