Best Blockchain Shooter Games 2024

As we progress into 2024, the domain of blockchain shooter games, spanning both first-person and third-person perspectives, is actively maturing. While these games are evolving beyond their initial browser-based forms to include more sophisticated versions with dedicated Windows and Mac launchers, the ecosystem of browser-based shooters continues to offer compelling gameplay experiences.

The ongoing integration of blockchain technology into the shooter genre is reshaping notions of digital ownership and asset scarcity, enabling players to secure tangible rewards like NFTs and cryptocurrency for their gaming prowess. Despite many titles still being in early access, the continuous development promises a burgeoning lineup of blockchain-based shooter games. This year, players can anticipate a blend of traditional shooter mechanics with the novel reward systems that blockchain technology brings to the gaming landscape.

Blockchain Shooters
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Shrapnel is a blockchain-based first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world, offering a mix of resource collection and player-driven content within a competitive environment

    Developer Neon Machine
    Networks Avalanche
    Status Early Access
    Platforms Windows, Mac
    Token $SHRAP
    NFT marketplace Opensea, Magic Eden


    • The game engages its community with dynamic gameplay and continuous improvements based on player feedback, enhancing the overall experience.
    • Technical issues and map navigation challenges in Shrapnel, along with its early development stage, may hinder gameplay smoothness, further compounded by matches being available only at limited times.
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    My Pet Hooligan

    My Pet Hooligan is an engaging blockchain game where players interact with and evolve digital pets in a vibrant, anarchic world, leveraging NFTs for customization and rewards.

    Developer AMGI Studios
    Networks Ethereum
    Status Early Access
    Platforms Windows, MAC 
    Token CARROT
    NFT marketplace Opensea, LooksRare
    • The game fosters a strong community through accessible, fun, and fast-paced gameplay, enhanced by regular events and collaborative tournaments with significant prizes.
    • Encounters some gameplay and technical challenges that could affect the overall player experience, necessitating further refinement and optimization.
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    Superior is a co-op roguelite third-person shooter where players battle against corrupted superheroes, utilizing a variety of powers and weapons to progress and earn rewards.

    Developer Drifter Entertainment
    Networks GALA
    Status Early Access
    Platforms Windows
    Tokens $GALA
    NFT marketplace GALA Games website
    • Superior offers engaging roguelite gameplay with visually appealing superhero comic-inspired graphics and diverse character customization options.
    • The game faces challenges in achieving optimal balance and could benefit from diversifying its gameplay with a wider array of missions.
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    EV.IO is a fast-paced blockchain FPS game that offers instant browser play, combining classic shooter mechanics with play-to-earn features through NFTs and cryptocurrency rewards.

    Developer Enthusiast Gaming
    Networks Solana
    Status Live
    Platforms Browser
    Token $SOL (Ingame “e”)
    NFT marketplace Opensea, Fractal
    • EV.IO offers easy access without installation requirements, enabling players to quickly join the game. With its fast-paced gameplay, it delivers an enjoyable gaming experience.
    • Considerations around the game’s competitive balance, where players investing in NFTs may have an advantage compared to those who do not.
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    Nexus is a third-person MOBA shooter offering strategic 5v5 battles and a play-to-earn system. Players aim to destroy the enemy Nexus using customizable weapons and abilities, with rewards in 3ULL coins for daily achievements.

    Networks Avalanche
    Status Release
    Platforms Windows
    Token $3ULL
    NFT marketplace playa3ull website
    • Nexus combines a rewarding play-to-earn model with strategic depth and a commitment to fairness, ensuring that skillful play and teamwork are the keys to success and earning potential in its competitive environment.
    • Nexus may face challenges with lengthy game durations and its dependency on a consistently active player base for optimal matchmaking.


    Shrapnel, a first-person shooter developed by NEON, integrates blockchain technology to introduce player-creation tools, aiming to offer a new dynamic to the FPS genre. Still in development, the game is preparing to provide an engaging experience for Windows and Mac users, with a focus on evolving gameplay.

    Shrapnel Gameplay


    In the dystopian world of Shrapnel, a catastrophic asteroid collision with the moon spawns an uninhabitable “Sacrifice Zone” on Earth. This event triggers a frenzied global competition among nations and corporations, like VELDACHA CORP., to unearth the Zone’s enigmatic secrets. Amidst this chaos, the Mercenary Extraction Forces (MEFs) emerge, battling to dominate and uncover the mysteries within the Zone.


    Shrapnel thrusts players into the role of Operators within the Mercenary Extraction Forces, navigating the perilous “Sacrifice Zone” to collect resources. The game is characterized by its high-stakes nature, where players risk their gear, represented as NFTs, with the potential of losing them upon death. The primary objective is to gather the elusive Compound Sigma and secure loot at extraction points for use in subsequent sessions. Players can select from three distinct Operator classes—Assault, Survivalist, or Infosec—each offering a unique skill progression tree. For newcomers or those wishing to experiment, a temporary Contract Operator character is available. The game also promotes player-generated content and events, including custom tournaments and missions, enriching the gameplay experience with SHRAP Token rewards.


    The economy of Shrapnel is designed to encourage active participation through gameplay, content creation, ownership, and governance. Players can acquire gear, extract it from game sessions, and trade it on the Shrapnel Marketplace for SHRAP tokens. The game offers a platform for creators to design and monetize a variety of items, while curators and landowners also benefit from the game’s economic activities. Governance within the game is managed through DAO and sub-DAO votes, with SHRAP tokens—ERC-20 tokens deployed on Avalanche—serving as the primary currency for minting player-created content and facilitating marketplace transactions. The total supply of SHRAP tokens is limited to 3 billion, ensuring a balanced economic ecosystem. The game incentivizes community engagement by rewarding the promotion and performance of player-created items and maps.

    Shrapnel NFTs

    My Pet Hooligan

    My Pet Hooligan, developed by AMGI Studios, is a vibrant Third person shooter that combines the thrill of digital collectibles with engaging shooter gameplay. Set in the expansive metaverse of The Rabbit Hole, it invites players to to a world of chaos and creativity.

    My Pet Hooligan Gameplay


    The game’s narrative centers around rabbits that have rebelled against their oppressor, MetaZuckBot, transforming into Hooligans. These newfound rebels are divided into factions, each with a unique identity but a shared goal: to overthrow the ZuckCorp’s reign and reclaim their freedom.


    My Pet Hooligan offers a variety of game modes to cater to different playstyles. In Coinpocalypse, players hunt for coins in a high-stakes environment where the richest Hooligan wins. Anarchy mode throws players into a free-for-all battle, with victory going to the Hooligan with the most eliminations within a confined zone. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, Hang Out mode allows players to explore the open world at their leisure, engaging in activities like battling Zuckbots or enjoying Hooligan-created content in the movie theatre. Each mode provides a unique way to experience the game’s world, ensuring that there’s something for every type of player.


    The future economy of My Pet Hooligan will revolve around the $Karrot token, which will facilitate transactions, rewards, and governance within the game. Players will be able to earn these tokens through gameplay achievements, which can then be used for character enhancements or traded within the marketplace.

    My pet hooligan NFTs


    Superior, a co-op roguelite third-person shooter, thrusts players into a world where once-trusted superheroes have turned into formidable foes. Developed by Drifter, a team of industry veterans, this game challenges players to rise as rebels, harnessing the powers of fallen heroes to restore peace.

    Superior Gameplay


    In Superior, a serene world guarded by superheroes suddenly descends into chaos as these protectors morph into monstrous villains. Amidst this turmoil, three rebels emerge, determined to confront the new threats and reclaim tranquility. Players embody these brave insurgents, navigating a narrative of betrayal and redemption.


    Superior distinguishes itself with a unique art style reminiscent of Borderlands, combined with comic book and anime influences. Players begin each session as basic characters, choosing from Ronin, Nomad, or Murmur, each with distinct abilities and skill trees. The gameplay revolves around acquiring “Juice” to unlock new hero powers, enhancing the player’s capabilities. The game’s structure includes diverse missions, randomized maps, and challenging boss fights against corrupted heroes, ensuring a fresh experience with each playthrough. Cooperative play is encouraged, allowing up to three players to join forces in tackling the game’s obstacles.


    In “Superior,” the economic model is designed to reward player progression and skill. By leveling up NFT characters and boosting their infamy, players can enhance the resale value of their characters, turning their in-game achievements into tangible assets. Furthermore, active participation and outstanding performance in competitive challenge runs offer the opportunity to earn Gala tokens. With future updates, the game is expected to introduce additional mechanisms for earning within its ecosystem, promising a dynamic and rewarding experience for dedicated players.


    Superior NFTs is a blockchain-based first-person shooter that revitalizes the fast-paced movement and advanced mechanics reminiscent of classic FPS games. Accessible directly through browsers on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, offers an easy entry into action-packed gameplay without the need for downloads.

    Blocklords Gameplay


    While focuses more on gameplay than a narrative-driven experience, it situates players in a futuristic arena where quick reflexes and strategic use of advanced movement and abilities are key to dominating opponents. The game’s lore is subtly embedded in its sci-fi aesthetic and the design of its maps and characters, providing a backdrop that enhances the competitive atmosphere.

    Gameplay stands out with its emphasis on mobility and gunplay, offering players abilities like teleportation and triple jumping to navigate through its diverse maps. The game features a variety of game modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Mayhem, Battle Royal, Survival, and Capture the Flag, each presenting unique challenges and strategies. Players can customize their loadouts with different weapons and utility abilities like impulse, smoke, flash, and sticky grenades, allowing for a tailored approach to each match. The inclusion of a clan system adds a communal aspect to the game, encouraging teamwork and competition within a larger community.

    Economy integrates play-to-earn mechanics through its in-game currency “e,” which players can earn by performing well in matches. This currency can be exchanged for Solana (SOL), linking in-game achievements with real-world value. The game also utilizes NFTs for characters and weapons, which not only serve as cosmetic enhancements but also influence the amount of rewards players can earn. The game’s economy is designed to reward skill and participation, offering a compelling incentive for both casual and competitive players to engage with the game continuously.

    EV.IO NFTs


    Nexus emerges as a third-person MOBA shooter crafted by Glinda Games Pty Ltd and published by PLAYA3ULL GAMES. Utilizing Unreal Engine 5, it offers a strategic 5v5 multiplayer experience, emphasizing teamwork and tactical gameplay.

    Nexus Gameplay

    Story and Setting

    Set in the aftermath of 2046, Nexus unfolds following the discovery of a mystical cavern, leading to the catastrophic misuse of two substances, Flow and Flux. This event precipitates the Nexus Wars, a struggle for survival and dominance amidst the remnants of civilization.

    Gameplay Mechanics

    The core objective in Nexus is to strategically dismantle the enemy’s defenses, including two towers in the same lane, a base tower, an inhibitor, two sentry towers, and ultimately, the enemy Nexus. Success hinges on coordinated assaults to gain ground and breach the opponent’s stronghold before they compromise yours.

    Upon spawning, players are encouraged to visit the in-game shop to select weapons and upgrade abilities, enhancing their combat effectiveness. This feature underscores the importance of strategic planning and adaptation to the evolving battlefield dynamics.

    Economic Model

    Nexus integrates a play-and-earn system where eligible players partake in daily quests, sharing a pool of 1,000,000 3ULL coins every 24 hours. To qualify, players must accumulate at least one hour of playtime across matches, secure at least one game victory, and adhere to the one-reward-per-account-per-day rule. Rewards are contingent on having a connected wallet to the Nexus account, with distributions occurring at 00:00 UTC+0 daily.

    Bonus rewards are attainable through the ownership of a “3ULL Profile Picture (PFP) NFT,” which grants an additional 5% earnings, further incentivizing player engagement and investment in the Nexus ecosystem.

    Nexus stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of MOBA shooters, blending classic gameplay elements with innovative blockchain-based rewards, offering a compelling and rewarding experience for players.

    Nexus NFTs


    As we look back at the landscape of blockchain shooter games in 2024, it’s evident that the genre has seen significant advancements. The games available today have not only improved in terms of gameplay mechanics and graphical fidelity but also in integrating blockchain technology in a way that enhances the player experience. Moreover, the horizon looks even more promising with a slew of titles still in development, poised to push the boundaries of what we expect from blockchain-based gaming. This ongoing evolution signals a bright future for the genre, promising more immersive and rewarding experiences for gamers around the globe.

    FAQ: Best Blockchain shooter Games

    Q: What differentiates blockchain shooter games from traditional shooter games?

    A: Blockchain shooter games incorporate blockchain technology to provide unique features like genuine asset ownership, play-to-earn opportunities, and transparent game economies, setting them apart from traditional shooter games.

    Q: Can players earn real-world value through blockchain shooter games?

    A: Many blockchain shooter games feature play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to earn cryptocurrencies or NFTs, which can potentially be exchanged for real-world value.

    Q: What platforms are blockchain shooter games available on?

    A: While a significant number of blockchain shooter games are developed for PC platforms, including Windows and Mac, some are also accessible via browsers and mobile devices, broadening their accessibility.

    Q: Is knowledge of cryptocurrency necessary to enjoy blockchain shooter games?

    A: While understanding cryptocurrency and NFTs can enhance the gaming experience, many blockchain shooter games are designed to be approachable for newcomers to blockchain technology.

    Q: Do blockchain shooter games typically require an initial investment?

    A: Many blockchain shooter games adopt a free-to-play model, but some might offer additional in-game assets or benefits through NFT purchases.

    Q: How do blockchain shooter games address the potential for pay-to-win scenarios?

    A: Developers of blockchain shooter games often aim to ensure game balance, emphasizing skill and strategy as the key factors for success, to mitigate pay-to-win concerns.

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