Best Blockchain Strategy Games 2024

Blockchain strategy games are revolutionizing the genre by incorporating blockchain technology, enabling players to earn crypto and NFT rewards. This innovation introduces a new layer of complexity to traditional gameplay, allowing for true digital asset ownership and the trading of unique, valuable NFTs on the blockchain. These games, while still in their early but playable stages, are laying the groundwork to potentially rival traditional strategy games by offering a unique blend of strategic gameplay enhanced by the benefits of blockchain technology.

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“Wildcard” merges MOBA dynamics with collectible card game strategy, offering a blend of hero-based play and tactical deck building in a visually engaging arena setting.

    Developer Playful Studios
    Networks Polygon
    Status Early Access
    Platforms Windows, Mac
    Token N/A
    NFT marketplace Magic Eden


    • Strategic depth with diverse characters and abilities, coupled with dynamic gameplay that encourages real-time strategy adaptation.
    • Being in early release, the game experiences technical issues and balance concerns, particularly with character abilities and game loading times. Gameplay is also restricted to NFT holders.
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    “Pulsar” combines the familiar depth of traditional RTS games with innovative blockchain elements, offering players a universe to conquer and manage in a dynamic, strategic environment.

    Developer Twelve Random Words
    Networks Avalanche
    Status Early Access
    Platforms Windows, MAC 
    Token $PLSR
    NFT marketplace Pulsar Website
    • Pulsar offers a traditional RTS experience, complemented by smooth performance and solid graphics
    • The game is in its early stages and could benefit from a wider variety of units and a smoother interface.
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    Apeiron combines elements of god simulation with adventure RPG gameplay, set in a vibrant, evolving universe

    Developer Foonie Magus
    Networks Ronin
    Status Live
    Platforms Windows, Mac
    NFT marketplace Opensea
    • Apeiron offers an innovative mix of god-game mechanics, strategy, RPG, and NFT integration, fostering a dynamic gameplay experience within a community-driven economy.
    • Apeiron’s solo play can become repetitive over time, lacking the variety to sustain long-term engagement.
    Blocklords logo
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    “Blocklords” is a grand strategy game set in a medieval world, where players vie for power through warfare, diplomacy, and economic dominance, all underpinned by blockchain technology.

    Developer MetaKing Studios
    Networks Immutable X
    Status Early Access
    Platforms Windows, Mac (Via Epic Games)
    Token $LRDS 
    NFT marketplace Blocklords market
    • BLOCKLORDS offers a unique and innovative gaming experience as the first-ever Grand strategy game on the blockchain, with permanent progress and depth of gameplay experience.
    • The game’s integration of NFTs may create a pay-to-win dynamic, and tasks can become repetitive over time. 
    Star Atlas
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    Star Atlas Golden Era

    SAGE Labs is a streamlined, browser-based introduction to the Star Atlas universe, emphasizing resource management and crafting on the Solana blockchain.

    Developer ATMTA, Inc
    Networks Solana
    Status Live
    Platforms Browser
    Token $ATLAS
    NFT marketplace Website
    • With features like fleet management, resource mining, and crafting, SAGE Labs presents various economic opportunities for players to explore and potentially profit from within the game’s ecosystem.
    • SAGE Labs offers a narrower gameplay experience compared to the full game of Star Atlas, potentially leaving players wanting more content and depth.
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    Heroes of Mavia

    Heroes of Mavia combines strategic base building and army management with blockchain economics, offering players a competitive and rewarding gameplay experience.

      Developer Skrice Studios
      Networks Etherium (L2 upcoming)
      Status Beta
      Platforms Android, IOS
      Token $MAVIA
      NFT marketplace Opensea 
      • Integrates strategic gameplay with blockchain elements, offering a unique blend of base building, army management, and economic strategy.
      • As the game is still in development, its balance and full potential, especially in terms of gameplay depth and economic fairness, remain to be fully realized. With developmental bugs impacting the gameplay experience.


      “Wildcards” blends real-time strategy, MOBA elements, with the intricacies of collectible card games. Developed by Playful Studios, this game is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. Currently, access to “Wildcards” is restricted to Wildpass holders, initially available for 44 Polygon and now obtainable at a market rate of 2000 Polygon.

      Wildcards gameplay


      Wildcard” unfolds in a cosmic arena where champions from diverse realms converge for competition. Each champion is accompanied by a loyal sidekick and has the power to summon unique creatures. The narrative introduces intriguing characters like Bolgar, a prince transformed into a “werebear,” and Locke, a former techno-engineer turned champion. These characters, along with others, bring their own backstories and motivations to the arena, adding depth to the game’s lore.


      n “Wildcard” champions from different galaxies construct decks of collectible cards, summon creatures with unique abilities, and engage in arena battles. The game’s core objective is to outmaneuver opponents with superior tactics and strategic thinking. Players must  navigate through their adversary’s defenses and focus on demolishing the opponent’s goal.

      This blend of MOBA and TCG gameplay elements creates a dynamic and engaging experience. The gradual charging of ultimate abilities adds a layer of tactical depth, while the introduction of goalies demands a balanced focus on both offense and defense. “Wildcard” offers a unique and evolving gameplay experience, challenging players to adapt and explore new strategies to triumph over their rivals.


      While “Wildcards” currently lacks a dedicated token, its economy is under development with a focus on community-driven ownership. The game plans to offer opportunities for players to earn rewards through competitive play and other activities within the Wildcard ecosystem. Future features include player-created arenas and teams, advertising space sales, hosting halftime shows, and ticket sales for custom venues.

      Wildcard pass NFT


      “Pulsar” is a real-time strategy game offering a blend of resource management, building, and combat. Players engage in strategic planning and tactical battles, set against a backdrop of solid graphics and performance it is . Available for both Windows and Mac users.

      Pulsar Gameplay


      Humanity, for millennia, has been colonizing planets in the WR-12 Planetary System, chasing a mysterious transmission from an advanced civilization. In this universe, players are tasked with exploring the planet WR-12, rich in resources and fraught with dangers from hostile aliens. The game revolves around the struggle to control Pulsar, a highly coveted energy source, while building alliances and expanding empires amidst the alien threat.


      Pulsar” merges the classic mechanics of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games with the expansive universe of a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO). Players assume command of a diverse array of units and structures, focusing on customization and upgrades to reflect their individual playstyles. The gameplay centers on resource extraction and unit construction, enhancing capabilities for strategic battles against alien forces. The objective is to build a powerful army and establish a dominant empire in the universe. This focus on micro-management, reminiscent of classic RTS titles like Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, allows players to exercise detailed control over their units, honing their combat strategies for a deeper gaming experience.

      Token and NFTs

      “Pulsar” incorporates a variety of NFTs, including units like the ‘Spider’ and ‘Scorpion’, each tailored for specific combat roles. Key structures such as the ‘Mothership‘, serving as the operational core, the ‘Units Factory’ for producing military assets, and the ‘Tesla Turret’ for defensive capabilities, play crucial roles in resource management and strategic defense. Additionally, the game features ‘Lands‘ as NFTs, which are vital for resource extraction and territorial expansion. These diverse NFTs enable players to personalize their strategies for empire building and warfare.

      The game’s economy will revolve around the $PLSR token, which is set to play a crucial role in various aspects of gameplay. In the future, $PLSR will be used for upgrading NFTs, empowering units and buildings, and for wagering purposes. It will also be tradeable on the game’s marketplace, allowing players to buy and sell NFTs and other in-game resources. While currently players can accumulate $PLSR through gameplay, its utility and application within the game are expected to grow, providing more depth and engagement in the game’s economic system.

      Pulsar NFTs


      Apeiron redefines the god game genre by blending classic inspirations like Populous with blockchain technology. As a Godling, players guide doods on their planet, wielding divine powers to shape their world. This innovative title combines strategic gameplay with NFT elements, offering a unique experience in the blockchain gaming landscape.

      Parallel Gameplay


      In Apeiron’s Godiverse, the Axis Mundi stands at the creation’s heart, where Cosmos, from her Empyrean Throne, strategizes against Chaos and his Taint. Surrounding this core are 12 Mythological Galaxies, each representing diverse global mythologies like Sumer, Olympus, and Amatsuguhara. These galaxies, governed by Mythic Gods of varying dispositions, are protected by formidable Guardians. As a godling, players face the daunting task of challenging these Guardians, unveiling the mysteries and treasures hidden within these mythological realms.


      In Apeiron, the primary goal is to ascend as a godling, a newborn deity, and engage in a celestial battle against the forces of Chaos. The gameplay is a unique fusion of card-based action-adventure combat and god game simulation. Players control their Avatar’s movement and targeting on diverse maps, while Apostles, their loyal followers, move independently. The combat system is real-time and card-based, featuring strategic battles between Avatars and Apostle Squads.

      The game offers various modes, including PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment). In PvP, players enter the Godling Arena, managing teams and engaging in intense battles in a best-of-three format. PvE introduces a roguelite dungeon experience, where players explore branching dungeons on their planet, facing formidable bosses and collecting rare artifacts.

      Apeiron’s gameplay mechanics are reminiscent of classic god games but with a modern twist, incorporating blockchain technology. The strategic depth, combined with the variety of game modes, provides a comprehensive and engaging gaming experience.


      Apeiron’s economy is intricately designed around NFTs and a tri-token system, offering a dynamic play-to-earn experience. The game features Planet NFTs, which are crucial for gameplay, serving as the primary setting for both the god game simulation and dungeon exploration. These Planets come with varying elemental distributions, influencing the type of Avatar players can have. Additionally, Apeiron Star NFTs function similarly to “Lands” in other games, providing Orbital Tracks to boost Planet aging.

      The game’s economy is driven by three tokens: Apeiros (APRS), Anima (ANIMA), and Ringularity (RNGU). Apeiros, the governance token, is utilized for voting and in-game purchases. Its supply is fixed and released in stages. Anima, the primary Play-to-Earn token, is minted through in-game achievements, allowing players to earn while playing. Ringularity, a premium token, is acquired through participation in large-scale events and is integral to the game’s narrative progression.

      Players can trade Relics, unique NFTs, within the marketplace, facilitating permanent progress and interaction with the game’s economy. 

      Apeiron NFTs


      Blocklords is a medieval grand strategy game created by MetaKing Studios. It offers a player-driven world where gamers can engage in various playstyles such as farming, fighting, resource management, and ruling. The game features innovative gameplay mechanics and a player-powered economy, allowing players to shape their own destiny and impact the game’s narrative.

      Blocklords Gameplay


      “Blocklords” is set in a detailed medieval world, alive with feudal conflicts and shifting alliances. Players encounter Lady Lorde, a commanding female leader challenging the status quo. Max offers thrilling yet risky adventures as a charismatic warrior. Rose bridges social classes, while Brutalius indulges in the era’s excesses. Angela, on a fierce quest for power, is shaped by her difficult past. Duke Chad asserts alpha dominance, Henry brings cultural depth, and Georgina employs ruthless tactics. Together, they navigate a realm where strategy and legacy are paramount.


      In Blocklords, players immerse themselves in a medieval grand strategy game, choosing roles like farmer, fighter, ruler, or resource manager. The game’s core revolves around player-driven decisions that shape the world and narrative. Players engage in activities such as farming, building, resource management, and regional governance, with each choice influencing their unique journey.

      The gameplay features a detailed resource management system. Players command various squads, each specialized in tasks like gathering wood or farming, to contribute to the village’s economy. Effective resource balancing is key, as players aim to maintain a thriving village economy.

      Random events add depth to the gameplay, affecting squads and requiring strategic decision-making. These events influence the village’s narrative and resources. Players can also trade goods, choose lands, and challenge rulers to expand their territory.

      Currently in its early stages, Blocklords is expected to evolve with new strategic elements, including combat, allowing players to defend against raids and compete for land, enriching the strategy-focused gaming experience.


      Blocklords integrates a complex economy system, deeply rooted in blockchain technology. The game features various types of NFTs, including heroes, which are central to gameplay. These heroes can be traded and transferred on-chain, using networks like Immutable X and Polygon, through the BLOCKLORDS Marketplace. This adds an economic and interactive dimension to the game, allowing players to enhance their heroes’ abilities and strengths.

      The game’s economy is driven by multiple currencies, including $LRD, the primary token of the BLOCKLORDS Ecosystem, and $ALE, used in the Dynasty system for activities like marriage and having children. Influence is another premium resource, used for status and accessing exclusive game content.

      Players can earn tokens and NFTs through various gameplay activities, such as leading squads, winning battles, and participating in events and adventures. Gold plays a crucial role in the economy, used for hiring squads, facilitating trades, purchasing resources, and training heroes. Food is another valuable resource, essential for hero progression and maintaining armies during battles.

      The BLOCKLORDS Marketplace is a significant component, offering a platform for buying, selling, and trading various in-game assets, including heroes, equipment, and other valuable items. Players can also import heroes from other games or platforms, enhancing the game’s interoperability and player freedom.

      Blocklords NFTs

      Star Atlas Golden Era

      SAGE Labs serves as a simplified precursor to Star Atlas, offering a 2D browser-based experience on the Solana blockchain. Unlike the expansive 3D universe of Star Atlas, SAGE Labs focuses on resource extraction and crafting within a more accessible platform. It introduces players to the economic and strategic elements of the broader game in a condensed format, making it an ideal starting point for those new to the Star Atlas ecosystem.

      SAGE labs Gameplay


      In Star Atlas Golden Era, players aim to explore the universe, expand their influence, and gain economic strength through strategic decision-making. The journey begins at central space stations, where players organize their fleets, crucial for missions like resource collection and deep-space exploration.

      Fleet management is central to gameplay, requiring players to equip their ships with necessary materials for their expeditions. As players navigate their fleets across the cosmos, they must strategically select their destinations based on the unique resources available in each sector, balancing exploration with resource acquisition.

      The depth of gameplay expands through mining and crafting. Players are tasked with harvesting resources from various sectors to craft new items, playing a vital role in the game’s economy and enhancing their standing within the Star Atlas universe. This blend of exploration, resource management, and crafting, supported by strategic fleet coordination, offers a nuanced space exploration experience. Players are encouraged to think tactically, manage resources efficiently, and engage in the game’s economy to carve out their dominion in the vast Star Atlas cosmos.


      In Star Atlas, the game’s economy revolves around its native token, Atlas. Players acquire ATLAS tokens through missions, events, and trading, using them to purchase vital in-game resources like R4 materials and ammunition. Financial decisions, including resource investments and marketplace transactions, directly impact gameplay progression. The economy is influenced by supply and demand dynamics, player-driven markets, and in-game events, shaping the economic landscape. Atlas token holdings are managed meticulously, with staking and governance options available.

      Cross The ages

      Heroes Of Mavia

      Heroes of Mavia is a blockchain-based strategy game that combines base building, army management, and competitive battles with a play-to-earn model. Set on the island of Mavia, players engage in strategic warfare, constructing bases and leading armies to secure cryptocurrency rewards.

      Heroes of Mavia Gameplay


      Heroes of Mavia offers a strategic gameplay experience where players focus on base construction, unit management, and tactical combat. The game is structured around building and upgrading a base, which includes strategically placing walls, turrets, and traps to protect valuable resources. Players command a diverse array of infantry, vehicles, and aircraft, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, to attack enemy bases and conquer territories. The gameplay emphasizes the importance of strategy in both defense and offense, encouraging players to carefully plan their attacks and defenses to succeed in battles and earn rewards.


      The economic aspect of Heroes of Mavia is deeply integrated with its blockchain elements, featuring NFT land ownership and two primary currencies: RUBY and MAVIA tokens. Players can engage in soft-staking of their NFT lands to earn rewards without incurring gas fees, maintaining control over their assets. RUBY tokens are used for in-game transactions, such as upgrading bases and purchasing items, while MAVIA tokens offer governance rights and additional in-game benefits. The play-to-earn model allows players to earn these tokens through gameplay, contributing to a dynamic and engaging economic system.

      Heroes of mavia NFT


      he blockchain strategy game genre is steadily growing, carving out its niche alongside more popular genres like RPGs and trading card games. Our exploration covered a wide range of games within this category, from RTS to on-chain mechanics and god games, each bringing a fresh perspective to strategic gameplay.

      A common pitfall for many early blockchain games has been the imbalance in their economies, leading to their downfall. As this genre continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how developers navigate the complex interplay between game mechanics and economic systems to create sustainable and engaging experiences.

      FAQ: Best Blockchain Strategy Games

      Q: What sets blockchain strategy games apart from traditional strategy games?
      A: Blockchain strategy games integrate blockchain technology, enabling true ownership of in-game assets, tradeable NFTs, and the potential to earn cryptocurrency rewards, adding a new layer of strategic depth and player involvement.

      Q: Can I play blockchain strategy games without prior knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrencies?
      A: Yes, many blockchain strategy games are designed to be accessible to newcomers, with intuitive gameplay that doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology, though familiarizing yourself with basic concepts may enhance your experience.

      Q: Are all blockchain strategy games pay-to-win?
      A: Not necessarily. While some games may have elements that allow for purchasing advantages, many developers are focused on creating balanced and fair gameplay that rewards strategy and skill over investment.

      Q: How do blockchain strategy games handle in-game economies?
      A: Blockchain strategy games often feature player-driven economies where the value of in-game assets and currencies is determined by supply and demand within the game’s community, leading to dynamic and evolving economic systems.

      Q: What future developments can we expect in blockchain strategy games?
      A: The genre is expected to see innovations in game mechanics, deeper integration of NFTs, more sophisticated economic models, and broader accessibility, potentially attracting a wider audience and redefining strategic gameplay within the blockchain space.

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