Best Blockchain Trading Card Games 2021


  • Decentralized collectible card games are built on blockchain technology with play to earn mechanics, which means, players are now rewarded for their play time.
  • Blockchain technology introduced the concepts of true digital scarcity and complete transparency, players can now own their digital assets. 100% Card ownership let players sell or trade their cards for cryptocurrencies.
  • Blockchain Trading card games are quickly catching up with traditional TCGs. Compared to other blockchain gaming genres the quality of the games are very high. With the added value of play-to-earn and NFTs, this is clearly the future of trading card games





Gods unchained

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a blockchain trading card game that takes some of the best features from Hearthstone, but has a unique mana system and an original favor feature. It allows you to earn cards and trinkets, which you can then sell on the marketplace. NFTs are stored on the Ethereum and Immutable-X blockchains. The game is available only for Windows.

  • Beautiful art and design. fun and engaging,  Easy to find a match. Weekend Events.
  • Play for free, earn and trade collectible cards, use immutable-x to avoid high Ethereum fees.
  • Not available on mobile devices

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Splinterlands Logo


Splinterlands, previously known as Steem monsters, is an idle Blockchain collectible card game that runs on the HIVE blockchain. The game focus is on strategy and deck building, and it is available for the PC (Internet browser), Android (play store)and IOS

  • Fast pace, original gameplay, Popular. Quick to find a match
  • Cross platform compatibility with ETH,TRX, STEEM and HIVE.
  • Earn Cryptocurrency rewards and NFTs from Tournaments, Ranked play, and Quests.
  • You have to buy a $10 starter pack
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Berserk is a blockchain trading card game like Hearthstone and is a part of a larger game set called the Vulcanverse. Assets can be stored  on Vechain, Matic or Ethereum. . The game is playable on PC (browser) and Android (play store).

  • Berserk is part of a larger ecosystem where NFTs should have use in other games and the Vulcanverse MMORPG
  • art design and lore.
  • Play for free
  • The whole ecosystem is still in a very early stage
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Skyweaver is a blockchain trading card game game mechanics similar to Hearthstone. NFTs are stored on the Ethereum or Matic Blockchains. The game is playable on PC (browser), Android (play store) and IOS.

  • Great art design. Smooth and fun gameplay. Easy to find a PVP match
  • Play for free
  • Playable on multiple platforms
  • Closed Beta means you will need to join a waiting list or get an invite code from another player. All assets are currently temporary on the testnet and will be reset on launch.
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Closed Beta

Dark Country

Dark Country

Dark Country is a blockchain trading card game with  similar mechanics to Hearthstone where NFTs are stored on the WAX  Blockchain. The game is playable on Windows and Mac

  • Cool dark atmosphere art, sound and design
  • Play for free
  • Game is in Alpha stage
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Early Access

kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage is a blockchain turn based strategy trading card game were you place units on the battlefield with the goal to defeat the opposing leader. NFTs are held on the Enjin Blockchain. . The game is playable on PC (using browser or windows installation through Steam) or Android (play store).

  • Original gameplay. Play though single player campaign, co-op dungeons and PVP battles.
  • Play for free
  • Slow pace
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Crypto Spells

Crypto Spells is a fast pace blockchain trading card game that runs on Ethereum and Immutable-X. The Game mechanics are somewhat similar to Hearthstone. Blockchain features include earning of Ethereum based in-game tokens (SPL) and tickets which let you mine cards. The game is playable on PC (browser), Android (play store) and IOS.

  • Multiple platform support.
  • Very popular in Japan, available in English, Asset integration with My Crypto Heroes.
  • Play for free, earn and trade NFTs. Use Immutable-x to avoid high Ethereum fees.
  • Good, but Not as polished as gods unchained and skyweaver
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Contract Servant

Contract Servant

Contract Server is a blockchain turn based Tactical trading card game that runs on Ethereum. Cards are placed on a grid and conduct a turn based battle. Attack ranges are determined by the card’s statistics and class. The game is playable on PC (browser), Android (play store) and IOS.

  • Original, tactical RPG based gameplay. Good Anime art design.
  • Play for free
  • Game menus and game mechanics can be confusing.
  • Ethereum, No scaling solution to mitigate high fees.
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cryptic legends

Cryptic Legends

Cryptic legends is an idle tactical card game that run on the Aethernity blockchain. Collect, upgrade and equip heroes from different tribes and use them to battle other players in the arena. The game is playable on Android (play store) and IOS.

  • Control heroes skills, positions and equipment. unique skill trees based on heroes classes and talents. 
  • Play for free and collect heroes as NFTs
  • Only available for mobile
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