Best Blockchain Trading Card Games 2020 


  • Decentralized collectible card games are built on blockchain technology with play to earn mechanics, which means, players are now rewarded for their play time.
  • Blockchain technology introduced the concepts of true digital scarcity and complete transparency, players can now own their digital assets.
  • 100% Card ownership let players sell or trade their cards for cryptocurrencies.

Features we liked


Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a blockchain trading card game that takes some of the best features from Hearthston. It allows you to earn cards and trinkets, which you can then sell on the marketplace.

  • Beautiful art and design.
  • fun and engaging, Hearthstone style gameplay.
  • Pupular. Easy to find a match
  • Play for free, earn collectible cards,  and sell your cards for Ethereum.

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Splinterlands previously known as steem monsters is an original crypto collectible card game with a focus on deck building. Match is automated

  • Fast pace, original gameplay.
  • Cross platform compatibility with ETH,TRX, and STEEM.
  • Popular. Quick to find a match
  • Earn Cryptocurrency rewards from Tournaments, Ranked play, and Quests.

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Crypto Spells

Crypto Spells is a fast pace blockchain trading card game. Game mechanics is somewhat similar to Hearthstone. Blockchain features include earning of Ethereum based in-game tokens (SPL) and tickets which will let you mine cards.

  • Mobile platform support.
  • Very popular in Japan, available in English.
  • Asset integration with My Crypto Heroes.
  • Play for free, earn cards and sell them for ETH on the marketplace.

Contract Servant

Contract Server is a blockchain turn based strategy RPG trading card game. Cards are placed on a grid and conduct a turn based battle. Attack ranges are determined by the card’s statistics and class.

  • Original gameplay, tactical RPG based gameplay
  • Anime art design.
  • Popular in Japan.
  • Play for free, earn cards, and sell them for ETH

Relentless TCG

Relentless is a zombie themed strategy trading card game on the LOOM blockchain.

  • Zombies theme art design.
  • Mobile support.
  • Fun, Hearthstone style gameplay.
  • Earn free cards in PVP gameplay, then trade or sell cards on the marketplace.


Mythereum was the first playable trading card crypto game on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Original and challenging gameplay
  • Play for Free with survivor edition cards 

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Upcoming And Early Access


Dark Country

Kingdom Karnage

Spirit Clash

Ether Legends


Contract Servant is a turn-based tactical RPG trading card game. The gameplay is very different from Gods Unchained and Crypto spells. Game mechanics are not based on Hearthstone and MTG. Its battle system is somewhat unique.

Cards are positioned on a 3×5 grid, and each card has a specific role and attack range. You can choose to place attackers, healers, magicians, and defenders from your deck of cards to the grid. Once the battle starts, each card (servant) will act according to its stats.

The battle itself is fully automated. Your main challenge is to choose your cards and place them wisely on the battlefield.

There is a single-player tower mode that will act as a tutorial and ease you through the game and a PVP battle mode where players choose their best decks to battle each other.

For every battle, you will earn rewards that will allow you to contract and upgrade new servants. The free common servants are not NFTs. They are good for playing but do not hold NFT value.

After checking with the community, I found that you can sometimes earn blockchain NFTs through free play once you reach higher ranks.

You can buy NFT servants in the market, which will open up ways to earn cryptocurrencies by trading and dividends.

Overall, Contract servant is a refreshing change from the usual TCGs. It provides challenging gameplay and beautiful anime graphics.

mythereum main

Mythereum was the first playable trading card crypto game on the Ethereum blockchain. It has original gameplay that is different from the above games.

Each player is dealt five cards. The card on the battlefield is your leader. You can choose to replace the leader with any of the cards in your hand. At the end of your turn, your leader card attacks the other player’s leader card. A leader that wins the battle removes the losing card from the game and deals any excess damage to the player

Each card has an attack, defense, and special abilities stats that affect the outcome of the battle.

Besides battling, the game has other activities and functions that add value to the gameplay and let you earn crypto.

You can build mines that produce a daily in-game currency (Mythex). To upgrade the mines, you will need resources that can be gained by participating in PVP and single-player matches.

Overall an interesting game, but unfortunatly as of 2020 userbase is very low, and the game is rarely updated.

[update 9/20] Their website has not been available for quite some time.


SkyWeaver is a cross-platform browser-based game TCG crypto game built on the Ethereum network where you can compete in PVP battles, win cards and rank up.

Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage is an animated turn-based Trading Card Game powered by the Enjin Blockchain.

Spirit clash

Spirit Clash is a digital card collectible blockchain game powered by Enjin.

Dark country

Dark country will support multiple blockchains with an American gothic theme.

Ether legends

Ether Legends is a TCG on the Ethereum blockchain. It will ofer both Crypto collectibles and physical cards that are registered on the blockchain.

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